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I don’t do social media for the sake of being popular. I use it to ask awkward questions and to seek social justice.

And there was us thinking he did it because he’s paid to do so by that Quaker trust thing…..

11 thoughts on “Really”

  1. This may yet be the funniest things I have seen:

    Being abusive is not a good way to indicate you have a good argument.

    Says the man who has blocked 20,000 on Twitter and banned hundreds from his blog with abusive and dismissive comments…

  2. But weirdly in line with a stopped clock he actually makes some statements that are factually correct. Rare indeed.

    As a matter of fact, we have an ageing population.

    Well that is very true – you could argue if we follow his policies they won’t be alive very long but the population is ageing. That can’t be gainsayed.

    As a matter of fact, in medical terms, the elderly are the most costly people in society.

    I’d argue that’s partly true – they tend to have contributed the most in tax and taken out the least (At least the current generation) so overall their contribution is positive but purely from looking at it through as set of accounts then fair.

    So thus far a significant step forward from Spud

    As a matter of fact, Labour is saying it will refuse free entry into the UK, so its population growth is going to be limited, especially by a low birth rate.

    So in effect anyone who wants to come in will be allowed entry under Murphy. Good job he is opposed to ‘populism’ and has no intention of running for elective office then (relying on appointment to a sinecure) Also falls prey to the fallacy that ‘only whites can be racist’ – truly a special kind of stupid. As several commentators here have noted, his courting of the ‘woke’ is cringeworthy.

    And, as a matter of fact, Labour says it wants to employ more UK nationals in the NHS.

    So we deliberately don’t employ any British people in the NHS? That seems an odd policy.

    And as a matter of fact without more ‘taxpayers’ money’ (a term in itself meaningless, since there is no such thing) how this additional care will be funded without private money being requested is very hard to work out for me, as someone pretty used to macroeconomic thinking.

    he has never evidenced even a rudimentary understanding of macroeconomic thinking although in fairness here he does come to a reasonable conclusion (Again stopped clock syndrome) The NHS in its current form is completely unfit for purpose. A move to a European system of insurance and a strict end to health tourism is the only way for the system to move forward (And even then I’d question that given demographics)

    One other point to make – if he isn’t on social media to be popular, why the post every time his number of followers passes a certain milestone. Let’s hope Musk kicks him off at some point.

  3. Employ more UK nationals in the NHS? Does Mr Potato possibly mean white folk by ‘UK nationals’?

    Just like the BBC, the NHS is already over-represented by minorities compared with the national averages. Yet they’re still advertising for ‘Diversity Managers*’, with a total of £700,000 on offer for these pointless jobs UK-wide.
    *Perhaps these ‘Diversity Managers will correct the balance by employing more indigenous white folk?

  4. As a matter of fact, in medical terms, the elderly are the most costly people in society.

    Is that actually true? Years 0 – 3 are quite expensive too. Those inoculations and health visitors don’t come free. Add in motherly health paranoia (at least for the first born) with repeated visits to A&E…

  5. Dennis, Noting The Bright Light Emanating From Ely

    You have to be a certified meglomaniac to think the world is going to be better place because you’re tweeting on Twitter.

  6. Dennis, Satan's Editor-In-Chief

    I use it to ask awkward questions…

    “…awkwardly written questions….”

    There, fixed it.

  7. There’s a reason for all the diversity managers in the NHS. We currently have about a third of the country on NHS waiting lists so the call goes out for ‘MOAR MONEY FOR OUR NHS’.

    Sadly, we don’t produce enough doctors and nurses of our own, (by design – thank you BMA), and we’ve pretty much snapped up all of the foreign produced front line medics so we can’t spend all that new dosh there. Result, MOAR MONEY goes on bureaucrats and diversity managers are the bureaucrats du jour.

  8. Bloke in North Dorset

    Paul Embry has been cheer leading Spud’s economic rantings recently. Then Spud claimed that whites asking to see white doctors is rife in the NHS. Embry asked for some evidence and got blocked for his pains.

    Being a staunch trade unionist, if there had been evidence of widespread racism of that kind Embry would have been all over it. Embry is also a Brexiteer and so a racist in Spud’s eyes and using his usual logic a fascist and therefore must be banned.

  9. Chippy uses “Justice” in “social justice” in the same sense that “Intelligence” is used in “military intelligence.”

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