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Smurg tells us that this inflation is all energy and food

The services and core CPIH annual inflation rates were unchanged in October 2022 at 5.3% and 5.8%, respectively.

Core inflation is without energy and food.

7 thoughts on “Smurg tells us that this inflation is all energy and food”

  1. What is the RPI rate, then?
    CPI is a typical New Labour trick statistic. I bet Val Dingleton can explain how it reallly works to Murphy.

  2. Point is that CPI Core is lower than CPI as it excludes energy and food. Which implies energy and food inflation is higher than CPI. I can avoid a haircut. I can’t avoid heating and eating.

  3. Andrew again

    If Murphy gets his way you will be denied heating and increasingly food if your politics are sufficiently ‘neoliberal’ or ‘fascist’

  4. 5.8% inflation would have required emergency measures to reduce it in the ’50s, but I suppose that is fair to say that it is overwhelmingly a side-effect of price rises in energy and food.

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