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Twitter could not be reached for comment, as its communications department has only one employee as of Thursday.

14 thoughts on “Snigger”

  1. Seems about the right number. How many do you need to answer the fone to something calls itself Gizmodo?
    “I am sorry. We are unusually busy today. Your call is important to us. We regret the delay. Please hold on for our representative. You are 97 in the queue.”

  2. Journos are losing their minds over the great unwashed being able to buy their coveted blue sticker and it’s glorious.

  3. Twitter now “domestic terrorisst threat”

    Biden msg to Elon Musk
    Play Our Game Or Get Crushed : We’ve set FTC on you

    Biden: Elon Musk’s relationship with foreign countries is ‘worth being looked at’

    …But looking at Biden family relationship with foreign countries is verboten

    Musk(?) warns of Twitter ‘bankruptcy’ as key executives quit

    The US FTC is monitoring the company with ‘deep concern’

  4. Ted

    I never really got that. I’ve talked to lots of tables down the years, albeit because I’ve just walked into/tripped over one.

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