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So, here’s the problem then

Dr Gabrielle Kuiper is a climate policy expert. This article is based on a speech she prepared for the Australian National Centre for the Public Awareness of Science on November 18.

In which she says:

The science we need to communicate is that the time for delay has run out. We need to communicate which organisations are fundamentally responsible and what needs to change. This includes exposing the influence of fossil fuel organisations on our democracy; and how renewables are cheaper and safer and more reliable than coal; and how the best way to reduce transport emissions is to give people alternatives to driving;

That’s not actually science. That’s someone having a fit of hysterics.

If renewables are cheaper than coal then we need do nothing. No one will use coal and they will use renewables. Job done. If this doesn’t happen then the problem is that coal isn’t cheaper than renewables, which makes the statement purporting to be science wrong.

21 thoughts on “So, here’s the problem then”

  1. I’ve had the privilege of a science education, which causes me to be confident that there is no human caused climate crisis and that there is no need for any action.

  2. “This includes exposing the influence of fossil fuel organisations on our democracy…”

    We’ve already done that in the UK, love. Scargill and the NUM. Sorted.

  3. They speak in abstractions: renewable, sustainable, the climate, the environment. Has bad climate ever stopped play at Lords, for example? If there is such a thing as ‘the’ climate, why is it currently -40C in Antarctica and 11C in SE England? Where do we look to see ‘the’ environment?

    What is meant by ‘renewable’? Energy can neither be created nor destroyed – it can be transformed or transferred, but certainly not ‘renewed’.

    Wind: once energy has been removed from an air stream, it’s gone and cannot be available again. Which is why when the wind stops – no more energy, so it’s not ‘sustainable’. Where do we find renewable wind?

    Solar: once energy from sunlight has been absorbed and converted, it’s gone and cannot be available again. Which is why once the Sun stops shining, no more energy, so it’s not ‘sustainable’. Where do we get renewable sunshine?

    Wood: once burnt cannot be burnt again, and as for planting new trees, they cannot grow to maturity faster than the rate of consumption, so the supply is neither ‘renewable’ nor ‘sustainable’. (Why we switched to coal.)

    Fossil fuels: they are a renewable source. We burn them then at our convenience, we renew them by just digging out some more from the abundance under our feet. And we can throw more coal on the fire or turn up the gas as we wish, so that’s sustainable energy.

    Then there’s ‘sustainable’ farming. Is there unsustainable farming? Isn’t farming the sustainable way to provide our food rather than hunter gathering which is entirely reliant on the elements and often did not sustain a food supply?

    Hasn’t farming been going for thousands of years? Isn’t that evidence it’s sustainable?

    When these deadbeats redefine the dictionary, they control the language and validate their nonsense. They should be stopped.

  4. John B

    Stop with all these Hate Facts !

    Thermodynamics is White Supremacy.

    Kelvin, Maxwell, Planck any of them BAME eh ?

  5. Wind is not sustainable for another reason. Wind is a major component of weather. If you divert wind energy to electricity what about the reduction in kinetic energy in the wind itself? What about the altered advection which will have weather consequences globally?

  6. Otto, I saw a bit of the movie ‘Tar’ with Cate Blanchett. Music teacher or something. One young, coloured, woke, student conductor told her he didn’t like Bach (or Mozart) “because i’m not a fan of white, CIS, males”. She asked that when he graduates and is conducting an orchestra, how his players should rate him, by his skill with the baton or by his skin colour. He called her a “fucking bitch” and stormed out……

  7. Rhodda, also, each wind turbine is estimated to kill two hundred birds a year, plus an unkown number of bats. Didn’t stop the RSPB building the things on their property in Scotalnd though…

  8. Wally Stott. Who used to write music for Hancock and other wireless and telly programmes was trans, but white.

    Samuel Coleridge Taylor and Le Chevalier de St George were black, but Cis…

    Oh it’s so complicated…

  9. No, the problem was in your first sentence.

    That’s not actually science.

    Any policy recommendation which is not contingent on specified goals is neither scientific nor expert. It’s basic logic: Hume’s Is-Ought problem. Anybody who can’t grasp basic logic is unlikely to have scientific insights worth discussing.

  10. Which, JK277 is why we are in our present state.
    The failure of politicians and media to question quite obviously fallacious assertions has led us to this world of poverty and energy crises.

    I did my degree in history and what I took out of it was:

    How to follow evidence trails
    How to gather disparate information and synthesise it
    But above all
    How to smell bullshit from a very long way away.

    It gave me a really good basis to spend 30 years in iT sales and support.

    How come all these clever people with PPE degrees from Oxford can’t do it ?

  11. I’m quite happy for this nutty woman to be arrested for causing a public nuisance and disturbance. But there does appear to be a double standard from plod. Extinction Rebellion can break the law and cause all manner of inconvenience to mere mortals, but disturb God incarnate and they’re all over it.

    A climate change protester has been arrested after reportedly approaching Sir David Attenborough at a Michelin-star restaurant on the south coast.

  12. “The time for delay has run out”

    But they were telling us that 10 years ago, and 10 years before that, and 10 years before that…

  13. “The time for delay has run out”

    Which is in itself a sign of BS. The logical fallacy known as the Bum’s Rush, argumentum ad Impetus Natorum.

    I made that up, better attempts welcome.

  14. This has all the hallmarks of Harry Biscuit’s “58 horses will travel at 58 times the speed of one horse, simple mathematics”.

  15. @Ottokring:

    How come all these clever people with PPE degrees from Oxford can’t do it [detect bullshit]?

    Most likely incentives and rationalisation. It’s like that study of philosophy students: ethics don’t improve; the ability to justify ethical decisions does – even when they’re actually unethical.

    @rhoda klapp

    I made that up, better attempts welcome.

    I prefer this: key principles of social engineering.

  16. “Wally Stott. Who used to write music for Hancock and other wireless and telly programmes was trans, but white.”

    It was quite a career. From Hancock and the Goons to Dallas and Dynasty.

  17. If you repeat Dogma loud enough, with enough conviction, people will Believe.

    Goes for many things Religious, including the Climate Movement.
    And yes.. it’s Religion… : infallible dogma, priests, saints, and an inquisition to burn the Heretics.

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