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That’s not good, is it?

Economists label the Autumn Statement as ‘George Osborne rhetoric and Gordon Brown policy’

As neither were good at those things.

8 thoughts on “That’s not good, is it?”

  1. Pretty damning.

    Osborne invented Austerity That Didn’t Save Any Money.

    But Brown DID end boom n’ bust.
    Perhaps he meant drum n’ bass

  2. But Brown DID end boom n’ bust.

    Well boom, certainly. Welcome to the hunger games.

    Bust today
    Bust tomorrow
    Bust forever

  3. We’re back to managed decline in the Blair/Cameron style, and Tory MPs are sporting giant, shit eating grins and tiny little erections.

    Vote Conservative for higher taxes, lower living standards, and endless hordes of Third World migration while we export your job to India.

  4. What is the Conservative end game? Tax the economy to a standstill, extend the recession, lose power (hugely), and then carp from the opposition while Labour mucks it up even further?

  5. Beginning to think Truss should’ve called an election, which of course they’d have spectacularly lost. We’d still have got the same bonehead policies, from the other lot, but at least the current crop of unconservative MPs would have been cleared out, and the party could have begun the process of figuring out again what the heck it’s for / alternative could arise. This lot are just extending the pain.

    But at least Mrs Sunak can look forward to healthy dividends

  6. Funny how spending cuts morphed into spending curbs
    The we are all in this together message falls a bit flat when benefits will get inflation rises and government spending isn’t being cut, but taxes will rise to the highest level ever to pay for it

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