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This is fun

Florida has effectively banned medications and surgery for new adolescent patients seeking gender transitions after an unprecedented vote by the state’s medical board.

But a month back, when people were complaining about Boston Childrens’ etc, we were told that no adolescents (and yes, this is all about under 18s) were never getting surgery. So how can it be appalling that the law now says what doesn’t happen is not allowed to happen?

8 thoughts on “This is fun”

  1. It’s just like Critical Race Theory which is not being taught in the government schools but which, when banned, causes the wokerati to raise Cane.

  2. Shouting down and deplatforming those that asked question about safety and long term impact of Covid vaccines wasn’t something new, the same thing has been happening for a while for anyone that questions prescribing puberty blockers and questions if they really are reversible and have no long term effects.

  3. Echoes of Section 28 in the UK. If nobody was teaching buggery to children, why did they made a huge fuss about the ban?

  4. Entertaining that the Dems are complaining about the wicked politicisation of the Medical Board for doing what they didn’t want.

    Oddly I’ve never heard them complaining about Roe vs Wade, a quite blatant politicisation of the Supreme Court.

  5. Isn’t one of the issues here that it’s also banning treatments short of surgery, in particular puberty blockers?

    (Not that I’m saying I approve of prepubescents being prescribed puberty blockers, but that distinction does suggest that there might not necessarily be hypocrisy* here.)

    Notable also that DeSantis doesn’t seem to be adverse to stretching definitions for rhetorical effect. (Again, I’m not saying I necessarily approve of 15 year-olds being given surgery.)

    * – OK, “hypocrisy” might not be exactly what Tim’s accusing “people’ of here, but close enough.

  6. Journalist: “Did you rape an intern in 1993?”

    Biden: “No”

    Journalist: “Your accuser says there are records at the University of Delaware that might mention a complaint that was filed about the assault. Will you let investigators look at those documents?”

    Biden: “But there’s nothing in those records.”

    Journalist: ”…Then there shouldn’t be a problem with looking at them.”

    Biden: “Well I have a problem with you looking at them, because there’s nothing in there. Why do you even need to look?”

    They sure do cling to their circular reasoning.

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