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This is grossly unfair

Any day now Meghan will realise she hasn’t been canonised and start harassing the Pope. One of her guests this week is an astounding and fascinating self-made woman who invested $70 million of her own money trying to find a cure for her daughter’s disease. She was given a medal by the Vatican and inducted into the Women’s Hall of Fame. It can only be a matter of time before Meghan gets her just reward for marrying a royal and saying “humanitarian” a lot.

This week’s episode of the Meghan Markle show is billed as “dynamic”. Previously the show has been “raw and enlightening”, “thought-provoking and stirring”, “candid and illuminating” and, my personal favourite, “in-depth and vulnerable”, because nothing says vulnerable like 16 bathrooms and an HRH title you can’t use. As ever, we discuss something that resonates with all women, who are all oppressed, because men are frightened when we do anything except clean the oven, and please can we talk about the patriarchy again, Meghan? Too much is never enough.

Much too nice and polite.

4 thoughts on “This is grossly unfair”

  1. Best one liner in the article:
    Meghan is keen for us to know that she loves etymology and “people with expansive vocabularies”, which must have been what attracted her to Harry.

    Not a sentence to be read while drinking coffee.

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