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Those shootings

“I looked up and my manager just opened the door and he just opened fire,” Tyler said. “He didn’t say a word. He didn’t say anything at all.”

Using a pistol,

Hmm, so that’s the usual complaints about long guns and AR 15s and assault rifles that can’t be used.

And the nightclub one the shooter has been described as non-binary so that’s the hatred of gay and trans idea out the window. And the football players, that was one BIPOC shooting three other BIPOCs which makes institutional racism a difficult posit.

So, what’s the next excuse and reason in the queue?

23 thoughts on “Those shootings”

  1. Hmm, so that’s the usual complaints about long guns and AR 15s and assault rifles that can’t be used.

    Lolz! When did they ever let the truth get in the way of a gun ban?

  2. If you populate a continent with religious extremists, transported criminals, and men fleeing their wives, the magistrates or the bailiffs, wotcha expect? I suspect the slaves they brought in were the African equivalent of the sweepings of the jails and loonie bins too.

    Given all that it’s more to be remarked how well the place has done than that they evidently dislike each other violently.

  3. Many of the slaves would have been the ones captured by the Dahomey, who based their economy on warfare and capturing and selling slaves.

    You know, the ones recently lionized in “The Woman King” movie as being victims of colonization.

  4. These are prime examples of why it’s important to wait for the facts to come out. Every time there is a “person of color” shot by a police officer, there is no more thought given by the general public. The logic goes, “The dead guy is black, the guy who shot him isn’t, you do the math.” Once in a while, that narrative is true. For instance, Ahmaud Arbery, regardless of whatever his criminal history was or whether he’d visited the neighborhood before, wasn’t doing anything suspicious on the day he was shot. And there’s video footage of the entire incident. And there was much more suspicious behavior coming from the three white defendants. That’s why they all got pretty extreme prison sentences at the end of the day. There are also instances of people who are just plain racist and went hunting for minorities, as in the case of the Buffalo shooting over the summer.

    However, the vast majority of the time, it’s either a justified shooting in self-defense, or a result of gang activity (i.e., black-on-black crime). There are so many cases where these so-called victims were literally pointing a gun at a police officer, or reaching for his gun, or charging with a knife, and a bunch of protest groups still riot, that I’ve lost count. There was an incident in Ohio where a police officer arrived on the scene and fatally shot a girl because she was about to stab another girl. She was clearly holding a knife, and it was all on video. LeBron James, of all people, posted a picture of the cop and tweeted “You’re next.” At least ten years ago, there was a 14-year-old gang member in NYC who pointed his gun at a cop and was shot to death. Although he was a minor, I’m pretty sure most of us knew not to do that at his age. Still didn’t keep the leftists from marching for him. All because these people’s first priority is skin color and genitalia, not character or behavior.

    So it’s great when the media narrative about “assault rifles” and AR-15s is debunked. It’s true that handguns are far more prevalent in cases of gun violence. It’s also true that many of the shooting death stats spread by anti-gun groups include suicides to bolster up these numbers. If racism and gun violence were such an epidemic, there would be no reason to lie to the public in this way. The more likely answer is that it’s an issue of behavior and culture that needs to be fixed, but few people are willing to go near that subject.

    That said, I highly doubt the gay club shooter even considers himself non-binary. I think he’s likely using it as an appeal for sympathy, and he’s not even the first bloke to do so. We recently had a murderer in New Jersey who told the state he’s a trans woman so he could be housed with real women. I think Tim even posted this story on here:

    Murderers aren’t the most honest people in the world. The club shooter is simply the product of fucked up parents and he showed plenty of red flags before last week.

    Guns aren’t the problem. It’s a cultural breakdown, and a corrupt government in which the FBI prioritizes conservative protesters and concerned parents at school board meetings. This kid threatened to blow up his mother’s house a year ago, and he wasn’t even charged. Just a bunch of absent fathers and soft-on-crime policies in much of the U.S. But the Establishment will keep jumping on white people/capitalism/masculinity/conservatism/climate change and then move on to the next trending topic once they feel sufficiently better than everyone else. NBC’s Ben Collins certainly jumped on that bandwagon. Takes much less effort than looking for a solution to a problem.

  5. An unworthy thought. I expect many foremen, managers and people who have to try to get their team to do some actual work will have a wistful tear in their eye tonight. “Perhaps tomorrow they’ll jump to it when I say go.”

  6. Possibly, Philip.

    Although you really only need guns at the workfloor when the ability to disinvite the work-shy from further participation in the work process in a fluid replacement context is bolloxed by Manglement/HRM.

  7. Just went through the news outlets on this story. The usual MSM outlets are avoiding the shooter’s race. CNN, MSNBC, PBS, MSN, ABC, NBC, CBS, Washington Post, New York Times all do not show a picture of the shooter and do not mention his race. Fox News and the local NBC and CBS affiliates do.

    All of this information has been available to the press for some time. Funny that most of them do not avail themselves of it.

  8. An interesting and somewhat related story that won’t make national news because of the details and participants.

    In Lancaster, CA, the police are looking for father that shot an ex boyfriend that was attacking his daughter. He is described as armed and dangerous and should not be approached by the public.

    Details are that he got a call from his daughter that her ex was chasing her in a car and was ramming the car to get her to pull over. The ex finally was able to crash her car and was trying to drag her out of it while she was calling the police. The father showed up and put a bullet in his head. All involved were Hispanic.

    As a father with daughters, I can completely understand this. Why the Sheriff’s Department considers the father a perpetrator after multiple assaults with a deadly weapon on his daughter, I don’t know. The LA Sheriff’s Department doesn’t have a great reputation. Were I on a jury, I would not vote to convict.

  9. Doesn't this make you go hmmm?

    Why are increasing mass shootings, suicides, and overdoses so well correlated with capitalism?

  10. “Why are increasing mass shootings, suicides, and overdoses so well correlated with capitalism?”

    It isn’t. Murders by gun per 100k population – Japan 0.2, Venezuela 33.7.

    The US doesn’t even make the top 10 countries.

    Why do some people ignore reality to push agendas? Is it correlated to their politics?

  11. Lebron James, of all people

    No offence meant but you possibly haven’t been paying close attention to the utterances of the self-styled “King James”.

  12. @Flubber – November 24, 2022 at 7:09 am

    Why do some people ignore reality to push agendas? Is it correlated to their politics?

    Well Duh Andrew

    Agreed. Andrew should surely know by now that when dogma disagrees with reality it’s reality that’s at fault!

  13. @Mohave Greenie

    In a civilised country, the police would have no need to search for the father as he would have stayed with his daughter and called the police himself. The most plausible reasons for being unavailable are that either the story is distorted (e.g. that the shooting was unnecessary and therefore not in legitimate defence) or it’s not a civilised country and he has reason to fear the authorities for conducting a legitimate defence. Well, it is America.

  14. “Many of the slaves would have been the ones captured by the Dahomey”: I’ve seen a suggestion that the best slaves were bought when the ships put into the Windward Islands, then the next best were bought by the slave owners of the Leeward Islands, and that by the time the ships reached the (future) USA it was only the dross left.

    It may be a Just So story but, on the other hand, I don’t suppose people bought slaves on a lottery principle.

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