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Telegraph used to get these sorts of things right:

Floella Benjamin among Order of Merit winners as late Queen’s final awards list is revealed

You don’t win the OM. You’re appointed to it.

7 thoughts on “Tsk”

  1. Why anyone pays for the DT these days is beyond me.

    Mind you though, well done FB – despite the overuse of the phrase she truly is a National Treasure.

  2. Floella Benjamin is nice and all that but OM? That’s one of the highest awards in the gift of the sovereign. There are only ever 24 living OMs. You have to wait for one of them to die before a new appointment.

    These are people like Tim Berners-Lee and David Attenborough, nobel laureates that sort of thing.

    What gives?

  3. >> What gives?

    What, presenting ‘Playschool’ isn’t at least as good as inventing the interweb? Are you a racialist or something?

  4. Why did Brian Cant nevet get a knighthood ?

    Honours committee member 1: “Floella Benjamin has a peerage, why don’t we award something to him?”

    Honours committee member 2: “Cant?”

    Honours committee member 1: “Yeah, you’re probably right. Ok, how about her? …”

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