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Well, yes, it does

The VA has a sordid history of denying benefits to a range of veterans.


We fall through the cracks because the VA does little to educate us about the benefits we deserve, and when we do seek help, we’re ignored, insulted, forced through their dizzying bureaucracy, or offered subpar solutions. In my case, I was sent to a derelict SRO where I faced constant danger and could not build a stable life.

And to think, there are people who look at this and think that the Feds should be *more* involved in the provision of housing.

3 thoughts on “Well, yes, it does”

  1. What if houses make some of us sick?

    Why not make camping in cities a viable option so we can sleep for free as our ancestors always could? Can govt really not put dumpsters out and some golf carts so campers can keep garbage off the streets?

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