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Well, yes, undoubtedly so

In case it’s not clear, the “polyamorous” fuckboy is not actually polyamorous in the way that they are alluding to. Nor does he have any intention of carrying out polyamory correctly, i.e. sustaining multiple romantic or sexual relationships with honest communication, respect and care. Rather, he wants to create the illusion of all of the aforementioned aspects of a healthy relationship so as to stick his dick in as many holes as possible, all of which he executes very, very badly.

Those old rules were there to curb this male passion. Get rid of the old rules and the passion won’t be curbed, will it?

12 thoughts on “Well, yes, undoubtedly so”

  1. reminds me of a gardener i once asked “why do they make such a big deal about plants liking alkaline or acidic soil, surely now we understand chemisty, and if you like rhodedendrons , whatever, you can grow them by addiing a bit of this and a bit of that to the soil.
    She replied “sure you can, you can also move water uphill.”

  2. Dennis, Inconveniently Noting Reality

    I love the “romantic or sexual relationships” thingy. Another millennial who doesn’t understand why Sodom and Gomorrah aren’t thriving these days.

    Hey, if you’re in a sexual – as opposed to romantic – relationship, it ain’t about honest communication, respect or care. It’s about dicks in holes. Period. That’s the whole point…

  3. carrying out polyamory correctly Simple promiscuity is probably the best way to ‘do’ polyamory*. All the ‘proper’ polyamorous relationships I’ve ever read about – from sultans and harems to purple-haired Portland munters – seem to be based on unpleasant power dynamics. I fear for any children involved.

    * up to a point obviously. If you’re a 50-cocks a month gay whose monkeypox has got AIDS then you’ve probably overcooked it.

  4. Polyamorous fuck boy sounds like a lot of fun (if you can avoid the self appointed do it correctly police / sour faced hags)

  5. It’s almost like there’s a biological purpose for guys being horndogs, regardless of the “ethically non-monogamous” bullshit that women try to push.

    What’s the inner monologue for these feminists when they meet a dude they actually want to settle down with? “Must…fight it…not okay with my gender studies professor…narrative shattered.”

  6. ‘It’s about dicks in holes. Period.’

    Well, the blokes are having fun and the birds are whinging about it. Business as usual.

    But the way they describe it has changed. The vagaries of fashion.

  7. Is this not part of the LGBT+ list and so above criticism and something that should be celebrated as the person is ‘living their truth’

    Also not sure it’s automatic that someone doing tho is would be bad at sex, plenty practice and a variety of different partners you’d hope they would learn something

  8. “so as to stick his dick in as many holes as possible…”

    Someone buy the kid some bagels and a chunk of emmentaler.

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