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We’re short of cash, aren’t we?

Good to know there’s plenty to cut:

A taxpayer-funded quango has spent millions of pounds on “woke” projects including decolonising a collection of 120,000 dried plants, it has emerged.

UKRI, the government body responsible for funding research and innovation, is accused of spending £27 million of public funds on “embarrassing” and “low-grade” projects.

This includes research that aims to decolonise collections of music and sculptures and a project that will explore the representation of gender and LGBTQI+ people in castle histories.

Obviously, this is all important stuff but we’re skint. Try coming back next decade.

10 thoughts on “We’re short of cash, aren’t we?”

  1. Since decolonisation is so vital, perhaps the loot could be spent on decolonising the UK, by deporting all those illegals?

  2. Sunak announced that he would not implement Boris’s cull of 90,000 civil servants, so not that short. But you would need a bigger blog to list all the obvious savings that could be made.

  3. As the government is about to borrow billions to subsidise fuel bills, let’s have a simple test for spending: is X more important than keeping people warm in winter?

  4. “and a project that will explore the representation of gender and LGBTQI+ people in castle histories”

    Knights in white satin?

  5. “UKRI carefully targets the investment of £8 billion in taxpayers’ money each year in a diverse portfolio of activity that fuels the UK’s world-class research and innovation endeavour.
    Our remit spans all disciplines and all sectors, including complex social, economic, political, and cultural issues.
    Decisions on the projects we support are made via a rigorous peer review process by relevant independent experts from across academia and business.”

    There’s your problem…

    You don’t want a “peer review process” there, but a set of cynical bastards who, most importantly, are not “relevant” in the subject matter of a proposal.
    If a proposal can clear that hurdle it might actually have merit.

    And a +1 InterWebz for Sam.

  6. Have you heard of penny wise and pound foolish?

    What if BoE stopped backstopping private banks with literally billions upon billions of pounds, without which capitalism would crash once a decade?

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