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Woes is us

The problem with democracy:

I posted this reply to tweets Wes Streeting posted in response to the questions I posed here yesterday on Twitter this morning. For those not familiar with Wes Streeting, he is shadow Secretary of State for health and is widely tipped to be a future Labour leader

If the answer is Wes Streeting then it’s a pretty shitty question, isn’t it.

7 thoughts on “Woes is us”

  1. “If the answer is Wes Streeting then it’s a pretty shitty question, isn’t it.”

    True, but some plaudits are due to Wes for calling Murphy “hysterical” which, on the evidence of Murphy’s posts, is an understatement of the mental state of the deranged Potato. It also provoked Murphy to complain that this was an abusive comment, which is fun for anyone who reads his own blog.

  2. “I posted this reply to tweets Wes Streeting posted in response to the questions I posed here yesterday on Twitter this morning.


  3. Well De Beers Winter collection is out and it’s an odd place some might say to launch it but in straitened times maybe a retired Ely accountant with a limited understanding of economics, accounting and many other topics who has a penchant for being banned from hostlries and has a knack for generating bustups in a phone booth, and who has banned a record number of people on Twitter may connect with likely purchasers of diamonds? Alternatively with real diamonds proving elusive they may have found a virtual substitute in TRUK.

    Let me summarise those hopes that I think Labour does not address for me and very many others:

    Cometh the hour, cometh the man

    – A hoped-for return to the EU

    This worked out really well for the last party to run on an explicitly ‘pro Remain’ ticket in 2019? Could be there’s a burgeoning group of people to tap into but my guess is not…

    – Restoring the free movement of people

    With 100,000 in hotels let’s get more people in – pronto. I could be charitable (not a trait he possesses) but he could be advocating the EFTA route as an alternative to rejoining the EU but either way he’s arguably deranged. Besides which he has an Irish passport so on a personal level not sure of his issue..

    – Basing economics on a proper understanding of tax, money, borrowing and government funding

    Given he evinces no understanding (Or a flawed at best) on most of these issues then I am guessing he’ll be waiting on the phone call for some time

    – Restoring our public services

    Oh joy – a return to crossed wires and 4 months waits for installation of anything.

    – Properly paying our public servants and others so we do not have continual employment crises in them

    We respond to inflationary conditions by increasing wages and adding to demand pull and cost push inflation. Sheer genius.

    – Properly tackling the climate crisis (£28bn is not enough)

    Let me guess, he backs ‘climate reparations’?

    – Delivering PR

    In fairness I think they have committed to PR so he’s got one wishlist. Perhaps he should read the news and get off Twitter?

    – Respecting the voluntary nature of the Union

    The SNP might still give me a job to get me out of the financial state I’m in and the wages might be higher if Scotland is independent

    – Respecting Labour’s membership, many of whom agree with me on many of these issues but who are consistently ignored by you and the Labour leadership

    You must listen to me even if I have consistently refused to be a member of your party to maintain some facade of intellectual independence

    – Respecting trade unions and their rights

    Much of my money comes from them so by minimizing their role I will be adversely impacted

    Truly the entire article reads like a satire. I hope Streeting does respond and escalates to the effect that Murphy is both hysterical and utterly delusional. With any luck he can bring the number of Twitter blocks up above 20,000.

  4. “Respecting the voluntary nature of the Union”

    So what part of “[T]he Two Kingdoms of Scotland and England, shall upon the 1st May next ensuing the date hereof, and forever after, be United into One Kingdom by the Name of GREAT BRITAIN” doesn’t he understand?

    (It’s also worth noting, in passing, that Article 6 of the Act of Union is about customs, 16 about monetary union, 17 is common weights and measures, 18 common trade laws, and 25 the repeal of conflicting laws, i.e., “harmonization”. All in order to create, as noted, “One Kingdom”, not two just kinda shacking up together for a bit in a sort of loose free-trade area kind of thing. He might want to think about that.)

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