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Yes, I know, I know

So a bit of background. I’ve a laptop at the ancestral acres, Chrome is synched. Easier than carrying one to visit ageing Mum.

I aided in buying flowers for her sister’s birthday. Umm, 4 months back?

Yes, I know the way the adslinging world works. But damn, would that flower shop in Malvern please, please, stop running ads over the YouTube music videos?

Given that I do know how the adslinging world works the actual finding is that this is the only thing I’ve searched for and then bought in ages. Thus the allocation of that ad to me.

But dang, Serenata Flowers? They’re wasting your money.

/Grump Over

17 thoughts on “Yes, I know, I know”

  1. I keep getting emails from Honda NZ who want to flog me a car.

    It’s been a long time since we lived in the southern hemisphere.

  2. I can’t work out how I get adverts interupting everything on YouTube when using my laptop, but never when using my desktop.

  3. Spotify premium plus a few Sonos speakers. Yes it’s a capital investment but the hardware is good and lasts for ages. With the Spotify subscription you get multiroom audio (unique to Sonos), plus downloadable playlists on multiple devices for a tenner a month. Pick up a half decent Bluetooth speaker for travels and you are all set. For everything else there’s ublock origin.

  4. There’s supposed to be a cookie lookback window of no more than about 180 days. Something doesn’t seem right here.

    But yeah, clearing your cookies and unsubscribing from any of their mailing lists should do the trick. Call them directly to stop it if you need to.

    Not sure if this happens in the UK, but I’ve started getting spam messages by text lately, telling me I need to change my Amazon payment methods and other shady things.

  5. Isn't China right now forgiving property debt?

    What if the florist got a generous inflation-protected non-tax-funded universal uncondtionable basic income and just did flowers as a hobby?

  6. @jgh, I assume you use your laptop in other places than at home?

    One of the things that makes YT “give up”, outside some half-hearted attempts, at ad-slinging is a fixed ( or at least static ) IP address.
    If they hit a static IP + adblocker + some determined dodging, they’ll assume you are capable of blocking them ( or at least their ads..) altogether, so that IP goes way down the list of suckers customers for targeted ads.
    Especially if the hardware-config-which-of-course-they-never-collect-because-that-would-be-illegal indicates the machine behind the IP is a desktop.

    Laptops, and any kind of mobile device for that matter, especially Android, tend to have less sturdy defenses against ad-slinging, and can be easily “detected” by their changing IP’s. They move around, after all…
    So they’re way higher up the list of victims Valuable Potential Customers, and get targeted way more often, with stuff that does ignore the average ad-blocker.

    You do get YT ads on a hardened PC on occasion, but Alphabet must be either determined or scraping the bottom of the barrel for a campaign to even bother usually.
    It’s not that YT … ignores the PC. It’s that PC’s are a small and tough targets for ad-slinging, especially with several billion mobile devices screaming “what defense?” around….

  7. rsm
    What if you got a generous inflation-protected non-tax-funded universal uncondtionable basic red-hot poker stuffed up your arse?

  8. Grikath: That makes sense. The desktop PC is connected via wired ethernet to a Virgin Media router at home. The laptop was previously connected via a wireless internet dongle, now connected via a wired connection to a PlusNet router at the office.

    The laptop will have had a different IP address every time I turned it on. With a bit of fiddling I can probably get the router to give it a stable address, then I’ll just have to wait for it to fade into the background.

  9. I used Youtube for years without knowing there were ads. Desktop and laptop, win10, firefox, abblockers. Only when I used someone else’s tablet did I see the ads. I don’t like tablets.

  10. Pcar’s right. UBlock Origin – definitely not UBlock, UBlock Origin is the one that is trustworthy.

    Haven’t seen an Advert in browsers since I installed it more than 5 years ago.

  11. If you are getting ads on YouTube then you are not using an adblocker.

    Why aren’t you using an ad blocker, Leon?

  12. @svs


    @Agammamon, November 14, 2022 at 6:22 pm
    Wait, I’m reading these comments and . . .*most of you aren’t using ad-blockers*?!!!

    Weird isn’t it, we’ve been telling @TW etc this for over five years and ignored

    Are @TW etc masochists?

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