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You can see the rhetoric here

In September Boston children’s hospital received bomb threats after sustained far-right harassment sparked by the hospital’s work with transgender youths. The tragedy at Club Q didn’t happen in a vacuum.

Questioning whether a hospital should cut the tits off teenage girls leads to shootings in nightclubs. Therefore no one should be allowed to question cutting the tits off teenage girls.

One American site (yes, of course, Salon) said that questioning whether Lia Thomas should be swimming in the girls section leads to shootings in Colorado nightclubs.

They’re doubling down, insisting that none of this nonsense may even be discussed because shootings, right?

13 thoughts on “You can see the rhetoric here”

  1. ‘ The idea that LGBTQ+ people are “groomers” and paedophiles has become a mainstream conservative talking point’

    If a heterosexual politician brought in a bunch of strippers to read stories to children would it be considered ‘fair enough’?

    I feel this is a rich vein to mine – if they can be exposed as paedophiles hopefully at the very least the Militant Trans lobby can be stopped. You are absolutely correct that this is a blatant attempt to suppress discussion. Fairly common when you don’t have a leg to stand on.

  2. The tragedy at Club Q didn’t happen in a vacuum.

    The MSM was crying about a “series of attacks” on gay nightclubs in the USA, citing three incidents that have happened since 2014.

    The worst was the Pulse Nightclub shooting in 2016, where Omar Mateen killed 49 people in a gay nightclub in Florida.

    Everybody “knows” Mateen was motivated by anti-LGBT hate, because we were told he was.

    But as Glenn Greenwald reported, Mateen chose Pulse after casing out a variety of other nightclubs and Disney parks, none of which had anything to do with gay lifestyles. Contrary to reports at the time, he chose Pulse on the spur of the moment after googling “nightclubs near me”. He repeatedly spoke to the authorities, and posted to social media, during his murder spree. At no point did he make any references to LGBT.

    The guy may not even have known he was in a gay nightclub. He wasn’t motivated by anti-gay bigotry, he was motivated by the standard Islamic grievances he actually did talk about: American foreign policy in Moslem countries.

  3. Nota Benny – a juicy little piece of info came out of Mateen’s wife’s trial (she was found not guilty of aiding and abetting her husband):

    Omar Mateen’s Dad was an FBI informant. Mateen himself was, of course, “known to” the FBI for at least 3 years before his crimes. Amazing how many mass shooters in the USA end up being closely linked to the feds *before* they go nuts and murders loads of people, no?

  4. John – the Daily Mail has this about the ‘nonbinary’ Q shooter:

    it’s revealed estranged father is MMA fighter and PORN STAR named ‘Dick Delaware’

    His Dad also appeared on a reality TV show where his girlfriend was begging him to stop smoking crystal meth.

    Damn these right wing conservatives!

  5. The scheme works like this: left-wing media, activists, and officials designate a subject of discourse, such as Drag Queen Story Hour, off-limits; they treat any reporting on that subject as an expression of “hate speech”; and finally, if an incident of violence emerges that is related, even tangentially, to that subject, they assign guilt to their political opponents and call for the suppression of speech.

    Christofer Rufo in City Journal

  6. Eugenics, indoctrination, suppression of free speech and body mutilation by the state and its organs was usually thought to be the preserve of far-right fascists when I were a lad.

    Interesting times we live in.

  7. ‘many mass shooters in the USA end up being closely linked to the feds *before* …’

    When I ask myself what the young me was wrong about and The Left was right about I answer ‘the FBI’. I’d assumed it was no more corrupt than an average police force but it’s clearly ginormously corrupt. The Left, however, no longer cares because it’s corrupt on their side.

  8. @ dearieme
    I think you’re mistaken. I’ll grant that the FBI is corrupt but I don’t see a black hand (metaphorically) in this affair. Cui bono?
    Security agencies have to keep tabs on some pretty unsavoury characters. The mistake they make is to think that this will lead them to networks of evil doers. In real life the nutters don’t have any friends so there is no network to dismantle.
    Arresting them before they go on their shooting spree is unconstitutional.

  9. @Phil: I’m thinking of Russiagate, Hunterbidengate, and on and on. Hell it’s taken me decades to realise that even though Nixon behaved badly Watergate was essentially an FBI coup.

    Mind you there are people who have argued for ages that the Kennedy assassination was a CIA coup.

    Myself I believe that because JFK ordered the overthrow and assassination of President Diem of South Vietnam and his brother, God decided to even things up by having JFK and later RFK assassinated too. I’m not too bothered what God’s chosen means was. CIA, the Mob, … who cares? Why God should hate the USA so much as to leave LBJ in charge is left as an exercise to the reader.

  10. @philip

    I think you’re mistaken. I’ll grant that the FBI is corrupt but I don’t see a black hand (metaphorically) in this affair. Cui bono?

    I suppose the odds are this is just another random loon, but then the people who might bono are those who want to remove firearms from the hands of around 100 million American men, and for whom an ongoing media hysteria might help slowly move the necessary dials.

    There’s no doubt at all that the FBI is regularly setting people up as terrorists, in sting operations, which helps maintain both the FBI budget and the state of fear that keeps large sections of the populace pliable and looking to the government for help and support.

  11. The good thing in all this, is that we’ll now have a record of every journalist, politician, activist and “expert” who supported and engaged in mutilating children. Even if they remove the fudged studies from research journals and delete all the surgical records, there are outsiders who have saved the digital screenshots and articles. Years ago, the idea of documenting all of the eugenicists and lobotomists to hold them accountable was unrealistic. Now we’ll have a near-full record of all the parties involved in victimizing children.

    Not saying every single one of them deserves prison time, but most will at least be subject to lawsuits within the next 10-20 years. Many of the parents will even become defendants. Listen to the stories of anyone who decided to de-transition. Aside from a very select few who genuinely feel more comfortable as the opposite sex, the majority of them have learned that they were suffering from mental health issues that needed to be addressed in a much more reasonable way. Even those who go through hormone therapy and breast reductions/implants rarely get the bottom surgery. That lot ends up with a whole other level of permanent problems.

    A bit more of a threat than mean words and crude jokes, in my opinion.

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