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A significant point being made here

Rachel Levine, trans US Assistant Secretary for Health, is right behind gender affirmation for supposedly “trans” kids – ie medical intervention for children who don’t conform to sexist stereotypes. Wouldn’t have worked for him, though.

6 thoughts on “A significant point being made here”

  1. It’s quite astounding that he/she doesn’t even see the contradiction.

    I’m reminded of all those Guardian articles written by 40 year old women, advising younger women to dress modestly and stop trying to steal their husbands. “Do what is right for me now, not what was right for me 20 years younger.”

  2. Dbfbfjjf, don’t forget the Canucks and their ‘Medical Assistance in Dying'(MAID).
    10,000+ this year and counting (the mobility impaired person who called a ‘helpline’ asking when their promised stairlift would arrive but advised by a ‘helper’ to consider ‘going to sleep’, declined the offer).

    Coming to a town near you soon……

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