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Ahhh, clever…….

The UK right-hand drive models confuse Russian snipers and have saved Ukrainian soldiers’ lives.

11 thoughts on “Ahhh, clever…….”

  1. In a sane world we’d all drive on the left in the Northern Hemisphere and on the right in the Southern. Otherwise cars passing in opposite directions are prone to stimulate tornados.

  2. Bloke in the Fourth Reich

    I knew a bloke imported his UK car to the Reich. Speeding tickets (back in the day most of us treated these as just another occasional tax on motoring because there were zero license consequences unless you were being a complete idiot) always got sent to his wife when she was in the passenger seat, and they strung the process out long enough for the offence to be out of time.

    “Oi, Miss, you were speeding”
    “No I wasn’t”
    “Yes you were we have a pic”
    “No I wasn’t, my husband was driving”
    “Bull, look at the pic!”
    “Yes, see?”
    “But he can’t be driving!”
    “Yes he can. It’s a RHD. Now sod off and bother him!”
    “Oh no we missed the 3-month deadline!”

    Rinse and repeat.

  3. ”How a fleet of aging farm pickup trucks from Britain is fooling Russian snipers”

    not for much longer – bit daft broadcasting that info….!

  4. Got pulled in 2000 in Romanian countryside in dead of night in our RHD car. I get out to speak to the police. They ask me for the driver’s licence. I get my licence. They get confused and ask again. I get confused so plod asks my wife for her licence. Why? She says, pointing to the absence of a steering wheel. Plod 2 PIML by their car.

    Glad to hear the benefits of RHD are felt further afield.

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