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An interesting question

When Zelaya was – arguably at least, entirely constitutionally – thrown out as President of Honduras the left went on a rampage about the disgustingness of the coup.

Castillo – arguably at least, entirely constitutionally – has just been thrown out as President of Peru. We’re not seeing that rampage of disgustedness.

Zelaya was left wing, Castillo right wing.


4 thoughts on “An interesting question”

  1. Castillo is an Allende de nos jours. But he was caught in the act of trying to overthrow the rest of Peru’s constitution.

    Judging by some of the past presidents’ treatment , a chap can’t get away with much in Peru.

  2. He seems a bit of an oddball to judge by Wiki
    “After taking office, Castillo played in between naming far-left and moderate left-wing cabinets, allegedly under the strong influence of the leader of his party, Vladimir Cerrón, and at the same time from more progressive left-wing politicians. He also appointed members of center and center-right political parties as ministers of state. Castillo was noted for appointing four different governments in six months, the most in Peruvian history in such a timespan.”

    His policies were eclectic but some at least seem beneficial

    ” In November 2021, Castillo announced an increase in the minimum wage from 930 to 1,000 sols ($223 to $250), the sale of the presidential jet acquired in 1995, and a ban on first-class travel for all civil servants.”

  3. Castillo’s a hard left extremist, an admirer of Nicolas Maduro who got at least some of his campaign money (illegally) from Venezuela. Fortunately he never had sufficient support in or out of Congress to force the country down the ’21st Century Socialism’ path or we’d now be as fucked as the Venecos. Not everything he did was bad of course, just about 99% of it. So chau Pedro, you had a year and a half to fill yer boots and wherever you’ve stashed it it’ll be there when you get out or, more likely I think, when arrangements are made for a commodious exile in Mexico or Bolivia (but not Venezuela obvs. as 21st Century Socialism has wrecked it).

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