Because Larry Summers was right

Quinta Brunson Wants to Know Why Women Are Never Called Geniuses

Assuming that we use the word genius as it is properly meant, that extreme variant from the norm at the top end, there will be many, many, more male than female genii. Simply because that’s how humans work, much more variation among male than female. This also explains why there are more R. Murphii among males – more variation at either end.

9 thoughts on “Because Larry Summers was right”

  1. Dennis, Pointing Out The Obvious

    Well, you’re working in entertainment. There’s one reason no serious person would call you a genius.

    Get a PhD in Molecular Biology. Become a scientist directing other scientists. Find a cure for diabetes. Then you’ll be called a genius.

  2. If you’re working in television you are almost certainly not a genius. Geniuses work in cinema. Television is for the people who can’t make it in cinema. There are a few TV episodes directed by Steven Spielberg, but he wasn’t there for long.

  3. Media is a prime example of the multitude of untalented people promoted for work/quota reasons who have dragged everything down to their level and actively keep the truly creative geniuses frozen out so their mediocrity isn’t so obvious

  4. ‘Jotheeswari Kothandaraman captured atmospheric carbon dioxide by bubbling air through PEHA, before bringing it together with the catalyst under 50 atmospheres of hydrogen at 155°C. After 55 hours, 79% of the hydrogen was converted to methanol, which could be distilled straight out of the mixture, leaving the solvent, catalyst and PEHA to be used again.’

    Given my obsession with synfuels, I’d argue that this lady is a genius. But as Dennis points out, she doesn’t work in entertainment.

  5. I remember reading yonks ago that there are more men than women at the top end of the IQ scale.

    But there are far, far more men than women at the bottom end……..

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