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Because too many non-Tories have been elected as Tories

The real reason why Britain has gone woke under the Tories

That’s the simple answer, in that headline.

The slightly more complex one is that Britain doesn’t, in fact, have a liberal party. Possibly because the British population itself has forgotten how to be liberal. The essence of which is that you do your thing, I’ll do mine, and as long as there’s no conflict there so what? Where there is a conflict obviously, some set of rules to decide is needed.

Historically the Tories, the right, never have been liberals. Again historically the liberals were the left. Rebelling against the Tories and their insistence that all the proles should just shut up and do as they’re told. Rebelling against the feudalisms, guilds and structures to free the people to do their thing.

What went wrong in the 20th century is that the left went all socialist. Planned socialist, scientific socialism. Which is, again, just that the proles should shut up and do what they’re told. Which is how Ernest Bevin was able to swing conscription into coal mines as a peacetime activity without being covered in the vomit of those who viscerally objected to such slavery.

The modern left is not liberal, the modern Tories have reverted to type. There is no liberal party left. Sure, the modern left might be worrying about woke more than the commanding heights but it’s still the same deal – shut up proles and do as you’re told.

7 thoughts on “Because too many non-Tories have been elected as Tories”

  1. Well let’s look on the bright side this morning. Government (urged on by Opposition) is almost wholly engaged in displacement activity. Two year jail terms for wolf whistling, the Online Safety bill, etc.
    Thank goodness they don’t try to do anything about the voters’ main concerns: getting to work, being reliably supplied with energy at moderate cost, immigration, education and health. Because we know that if they tried to do anything in these areas they’d only fuck it up.

  2. How, if too many non-Tories have been elected as Tories, can the modern Tories be said to have reverted to type?

    Today’s Conservative party is highly interventionist and many of its ministers are little more than the creatures of the departments they supposedly run.

  3. top Conservatives talk politically correct nonsense in the hope of winning the centre ground

    Imagine being a Tory and believing you have a future.


  4. An interesting post,Tim. Historically, the Tories were opposed to intrusive social monitoring and were seen as the business friendly, law and order party. I doubt that there are many who think of the Tories as business friendly or law and order these days.

  5. Eddy – the public agrees with you:

    A new MRP poll from Savanta, based on a 20-point lead over the Tories, shows Labour on course for a mind-blowing 314-seat majority. MRP polls have proved historically accurate in 2017 and 2019. The poll shows the Tories holding no seats more northerly than South Holland and The Deepings in Lincolnshire, with Rishi losing his seat and 27,000 majority

    Lol, eat shit, Rishi.

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