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Bit bumptious, isn’t it?

Brexit has put Irish peace process at risk, says German foreign minister

What does the Kaiser’s laddie have to do with UK internal processes?

9 thoughts on “Bit bumptious, isn’t it?”

  1. And 65m people are to be forever denied self-determination lest a fraction of Northern Ireland’s 2m people respond with violence. Who says terrorism doesn’t work?

  2. Annalena Baerbock says Britain and EU have responsibility to ‘protect and implement’ Protocol, ahead of meeting with James Cleverly

    What a stupid cunt.

  3. ‘ What does the Kaiser’s laddie have to do with UK internal processes?’

    The Fourth Reich controls everything left of the border drawn down the Irish Sea – Customs, trade, Law, etc.

  4. It’s a perfectly reasonable comment. Before Brexit, the Irish republicans were happy as the EU aspiration towards ever closer integration meant getting closer to a united Ireland (and it didn’t matter if it was mere talk as that was enough). Meanwhile the Unionists were happy because the UK functioned as a single country. After Brexit, the republicans are unhappy because the UK has said it would break the treaty to diverge the two parts of Ireland, while the Unionists are unhappy as Northern Ireland has now grown apart from the rest of the UK due to the border in the Irish Sea.

    Though, I suppose a supreme optimist might think that with both sides being so unhappy, it might bring them together in a common cause!

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