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Bit dangerous of The Guardian really

The task Frankfurt sets himself is to define bullshit. What it is not, he argues, is lying. Both misrepresent the truth, but with entirely different intentions. The liar is “someone who deliberately promulgates a falsehood”. He or she knows the truth or could lay hands on it – but they certainly aren’t giving it to you. The bullshitter, on the other hand, “does not care whether the things he says describe reality correctly. He just picks them out, or makes them up, to suit his purpose.” Bullshitters couldn’t give two hoots about the truth. They just want a story.

Well, yes. It’s just that none of those stories about imminent destitution that appear in The Guardian really quite add up, do they? You know, bullshit……

2 thoughts on “Bit dangerous of The Guardian really”

  1. “It’s Christmas/Divali/Kwanzaa/Winterval and I’m feeling a bit hungover and I’ve still got to get those presents, but that column won’t write itself. How about I try a quick summary of something I skimmed at Oxford and try to apply it to the current political scene?…”

  2. Pah! Mere amateurs. The art of the lie is to tell the truth in such an unconvincing manner that the listener is drawn to the alternative explanation of one’s choice.

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