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Bit Oedipal, isn’t it?

Harry & Meghan live: Duke of Sussex compares his wife to Princess Diana in Netflix documentary

Problem with this sort of thing is that you never know whether it’s something that requires therapy or something caused by exposure to Freudian therapists.

11 thoughts on “Bit Oedipal, isn’t it?”

  1. I always thought there was something dodgy about Me Me Again Markle, but I must admit “lively corpse” never crossed my mind…

  2. There’s a girl I know in London sold the soon to be People’s Princess some frocks. She never got paid for them.
    Personally I doubt there’s a hairsbreadth of difference between the two of them. Self entitled Sloan meets self entitled Hollywood soap actress. Except one got the establishment seal of approval & the soot didn’t. Oh & Harry definitely takes after his father. Whichever the putative candidate. I’ve the other one & was not impressed by his intellect.

  3. So Megs was upset that her real but now unacknowledged father was trying to sell stories to the press.

    I’m sure Harry could relate to that.

  4. There’s a term in psychotherapy called transference, where someone transfers their emotions about one person onto another person. Like, the thing of Ted Bundy only killing brunettes, which is thought to relate to his anger about a brunette girlfriend dumping him.

    I suspect that in Harry’s case, he was traumatised by the death of his mother and never really dealt with it. He blames his family and the press for what happened to her. And because he can’t express that towards his mother, he transfers his feeling of protecting his mother onto Meghan.

    And Meghan has figured out that this can be manipulated. Push his buttons and get him to do what you want. Her endgame isn’t to be a royal doing handshaking and turning up at fetes. It’s to follow the Gwyneth Paltrow thing of having a “brand”. She got Harry to California. She’s trying to establish herself there. As soon as she succeeds, it’ll be divorce.

  5. Well BoM4, given how much was screwed out of Andy, one does wonder how much Harry’d be stuck with.

    No doubt Meg’d feel that every last British taxpayer should give her a million times their total wealth immediately and then really start paying.

  6. I think it’s great that Ginge and Whinge have given the media so much copy

    It’s just like the Good Ole Days

    Speculation about their fantasy videos, then reports on the videos, then dissection of all the factoids (most of the content as far as I can see, Ginge doesn’t even seem to know how he met her, which rather reinforces my opinion that it was all her plan), then reportage on the horror, people’s views on the reportage, comments from ‘experts’, then speculation about the next installment

    Shame that the king isn’t playing along with it

    Anyway, other than lions (3 perhaps…) it seems to be giving lots of employment to a myriad of mouth breathers

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