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I hadn’t realised it was this inefficient:

It costs approximately €500 to heat a household with peat for a year versus several thousand euros for more climate-friendly sources of energy.

“People are glad to have turf. It’s like having an oilwell in your own back yard,” said Michael Fitzmaurice, an independent member of parliament and chair of the Turf Cutters and Contractors Association. An average household that relies on peat consumes 10 to 12 tonnes per year, he said. “It’s security of energy.”

10 tonnes?

13 thoughts on “Blimey”

  1. “The government banned the sale of turf, smoky coal, and wet wood in shops or online in October.”

    So basically they have banned wherever they can, and are powerless to deal with the rest.

    But I’ll swap you this piglet for twelve tons of shit that you can just about set alight.

  2. Peat is 400kg/m³ according to the top result of my search engine of choice.

    So if we use 12tonnes, that’s only 30m³ of peat for a year. Or 10x1x3m trench.
    I don’t think that’s too bad for a year’s consumption.

  3. I thought peat burning had been outlawed years ago ( I mean the 1980s). Something about preserving the moors and all the stiffs trapped in it. Not to mention people being asphyxiated by the smoke.
    At 12 tons a year, wouldnt it be more efficient to insulate the house with the stuff ?

  4. O/T
    On another occasion he upset a pensioners group with a diatribe about their demands. “One day Victor Lewis-Smith may be a pensioner, by which time the seeds of this ageism could have grown into a huge backlash,” retorted Jack Sprung, their general secretary. Determined to prove them wrong, Lewis-Smith, one of the few white men to get away with wearing his hair in Caribbean-style dreadlocks, died in Bruges before collecting his pension.

  5. I though VLS had died ages ago, I’d not heard anything from him since the ’90s – and even then assumed he was in his 50s or something. Turns out he’s barely older than me. How on earth do you get to be a producer at the Beeb Beeb Ceeb at 20?

  6. BiS – Prank phone calls were another part of Lewis-Smith’s repertoire, the most notorious being when he used a robotic voice simulator to pose as Stephen Hawking, the theoretical physicist, to persuade Diana, Princess of Wales, to discuss her former husband and the Clinton family.


  7. “How on earth do you get to be a producer at the Beeb Beeb Ceeb at 20?”

    I’m assuming some sort of nepotism. Notoriously reluctant to discuss relatives.

  8. jgh: 65? I honestly thought he was younger than that. He certainly struck a chord with my Gen-X contemporaries. But yeah, that would have made his position at the Beeb even more surprising, I suppose.

  9. Peat? sure, go ahead..

    Just remember it developed there for a Reason, and that us cloggies had to develop that whole business with the polders to actually solve the problems that taking it all out caused…

  10. VLS prank called Brian Sewell, claiming to be Brian Sewell and doing an uncanny impersonation of him. The original Sewell was most discombobulated.

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