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Camra? Lad culture?

Drinkers should avoid saying “pub crawl” and “happy hour” to be more inclusive, the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA), has said as they try to end “lad culture”.

Members should instead say they are embarking on a “pub tour” where they will “savour a pint”.

Other phrases such as “join the lads for a swift few after work” have also come under fire as they risk putting off women from joining in.

What the hell has Camra ever had to do with lads? It’s an organisation of the happily middle aged and happily boring.

Also, the getting the girls involved bit. Anyone who doesn’t know that cross-sex drinking and single-sex drinking are different activities hasn’t met many human beings. They’re both delightful and all that, but they are different things. Booze, inhibitions and pheromones simply make them so.

12 thoughts on “Camra? Lad culture?”

  1. Allthegoodnamesaretaken

    I left CAMRA when it was clear they had achieved their mission. More real ales and new breweries than we can possibly drink in a lifetime.

    Perhaps that’s why they went the way BiW posted.

  2. What happened to ladette culture and hen parties? Are they ‘inclusive’.

    ‘… putting off women from joining in.‘ Isn’t that the purpose?

  3. You’re late tonight, dear? Sorry sweetheart, stopped off for a pint with Bob and Mick. (Nothing to see here, it’s what men do.)

    As opposed to…

    You’re late tonight, dear? Sorry sweetheart, stopped off for a pint with that blonde in accounts – the one with giant breasts. (Nah, I can’t see it working either.)

  4. Sometimes, I just despair at the lack of self awareness.
    The Campaign for REAL ALE strives for inclusion, diversity and equality.
    It might have worked if they’d been the Campaign for Rubbish Watneys Keg.

  5. I was once co-opted on to the Branch Committee of my trade union. At an early meeting we considered a motion to boycott Israel. After hearing feeble arguments for the motion, and an excellent speech against it (from a young Chinese-American) , I pointed out that our views on Israel mattered not a whit. The point of a union was to gain strength by staying united (the clue is in the name); therefore we should not adopt the proposed policy since that was bound to split the members. I emphasised we should have no foreign policy – we must be neither pro nor anti Cuba, nor the USA, nor France, nor Red China, nor anywhere. We should have no policies on any matter beyond our purpose.

    Naturally this simple argument was greeted with incomprehension.

  6. @Bernie G
    Losers tactics mate.
    Much better:
    “Sorry sweetheart, stopped off for a pint with that blonde in accounts – the one with giant breasts.”
    She thinks: “Yeah right. Boozing with Bob & Mick as usual. He never changes.”
    Whereas, of course, it was the redhead you’ve been drinking with.

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