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Can be a sympton you know

Joe Biden ‘distrusts’ his Secret Service agents and ‘believes they are Trump sympathisers’

Paranoia. Not unusual among politicians but even so, one of the symptoms of dementia onset, no?

8 thoughts on “Can be a sympton you know”

  1. He’s surely at the stage where only rubber underpants can be trusted and even then there are nagging doubts.

  2. His dementia onset, saddled up and rode off into the sunset long ago. I suspect this is far more about heading off suggestions that the entire government apparatus is in the tank for the Democrats and their international controllers at the WEF, UN, WHO etc.

  3. Yet he does nothing about replacing them.

    Even the senile idiot is capable of working out that a team of left-leaning soy-boys are most unlikely to take a bullet for him.

  4. I would imagine if your work requires close proximity to the current POTUS having some affection for his predecessor would be inevitable. Even Nixon would look like fine upstanding chap.

  5. If they WERE Trump sympathisers, I would have hoped the senile old duffer had “accidentally” fallen from a high window by now…

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