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Compared to the UK, perhaps

Gary Lineker calls USA ‘extraordinarily racist country’ and reignites row between BBC and Qatar

The US is more racist than Britain, that’s true. The most obvious, checkable, indicator of this is that intermarriage rates are grossly lower (although increasing).

But here’s the problem for those who claim racism. Pretty much everywhere is more racist than Britain. OK, I’ve not personal experience of everywhere but nowhere I’ve been is less so. That producing a problem for those who insist that Britain itself is racist – compared to what?

14 thoughts on “Compared to the UK, perhaps”

  1. “That producing a problem for those who insist that Britain itself is racist – compared to what?”

    I guess they mean compared to what we could be like if we tried harder because there was more calling out and scolding by celebrities like him who thereby gain “good bloke” points along with their huge salaries.

  2. I’d actually go some way to agreeing with Lineker although for the opposite reasons he highlights. Both the US and UK actively discriminate against White people officially in almost every field. Most public sector bodies in either country are on course to ban White men in particular from holding office certainly at the local level. Every large scale private sector organisation is committed to ‘Diversity, Equity and Inclusion’ which translated means looking for ways to discriminate against Whites on spurious grounds. Critical Race Theory is firmly embedded across the country. So, Yes, these two countries are most definitely ‘extraordinarily racist’. Just not in the sense he seems to think. On a separate note, I absolutely despised him as a player and good to see he has justified my loathing a hundred times over with his activities on social media. Utterly odious.

  3. I’d love to hear him explain how he came up with the idea that the U.S. is “an extraordinarily racist country”. Srsly, any survey data, statistical info, personal experience (which is anecdotal, but it’d be something) – anything other than all the luvvies say so?

  4. Because the US is so racist, homophobic, transphobic, queerphobic, etc. etc., we must immediately deport those here illegally for their own safety and well-being. I mean all these colorful folks literally dying to get here will be sorely disappointed by the awfulness of our MAGA White Privilege society.

    It’s the least that a woke person could do.

  5. Davidsb

    No one took to task either the Ghanaian or Senegalese teams for their unbalanced lineups either (26 black players out of 26)

  6. “The US is more racist than Britain, that’s true”

    Brother, we don’t talk about the gypos like you talk about the gypos.

    More seriously – I don’t think interracial marriage is a good proxy for racism.

  7. Since I don’t take much interest in football, I long ago disregarded Mr Lineker’s opinion. On anything.

    I am quite certain he doesn’t know that and wouldn’t give a shit if he did.

  8. Intermarriage is the best possible proxy. It means it is socially acceptable at the pointy end — allowing other races into your family.

    Name me some counter-examples. That is, racist countries where intermarriage is high. Should be easy if it is a bad proxy.

  9. It is only a good proxy if minorities *want* to marry into the majority and aren’t allowed to. If they don’t want to marry out, then who’s the racist?

  10. It appears that interracial marriage is more common in the US (~12%) than it is in the UK (almost 10%). I’d further posit that US-born blacks and Hawaiians are the most racist groups of people in the nation. And people in the north and north-west in general are more racist than those living in the south and south-west. Add in the leftists, and all of those people probably account for 95% of racists in the States.

  11. Well, sorta. The US has more non-whites than the UK does, so total number of mixed rate marriages will be higher…..

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