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Err, yes?

British MPs on a visit to a foreign country were met at their hotel by sex workers, it has been claimed.

The revelation came amid concern that parliamentarians and peers were engaging in “sex and heavy drinking” on overseas trips.

The claims will fuel questions over the purpose of all-party parliamentary groups (APPGs) – unofficial cross-party bodies of MPs and peers that campaign on specific topics.

It has been alleged that during one APPG trip to a dictatorship, MPs found that there were prostitutes waiting in their hotel rooms, The Times reported.

Fairly standard in some parts of the world. Rather the point of being in foreign actually – they do things different there.

16 thoughts on “Err, yes?”

  1. Girls or boys ?

    Sounds a bit Carry on up the Khyber. They just need Bernard Bresslaw saying “Deeeny yourrrselves … Nothing !”

  2. The claims will fuel questions over the purpose of all-party parliamentary groups

    Surely everybody knows the purpose is to get their jollies abroad away from family, constituents and press?

  3. Could this also be the reason why our local town councils like to “twin” with towns in “exotic” locations?

  4. Do foreign countries send APPGs to the UK to learn how we do things too? If so, are they disappointed when there are no hookers in the hotel room?

  5. @AndyF

    Councillors do seem to benefit disproportionately from twinning, in terms of jollies etc. I’m not sure I’ve ever met anyone who isn’t a local politico (or their close relative / partner) who has benefited at all – can’t think of any local business that claimed to get any boost from twinning.

    If anyone here knows anyone outside politics who benefited from twinning, I would love to hear it too relieve me of some of my cynicism.

  6. Apologies if I’ve posted this before, but senility beckon…

    I know the Foreign Office always chartered 2 jets when going abroad.

    One for senior grades (1st class) and one for everything else (staff, posh nosh, booze).

    Trips to RoP regions required 3!!

  7. Anon
    I have a pal who was a Deputy Lord Lieutenant and she got lots of twinning jollies for the various town in her demesne. But that’s her (voluntary) job and doesnt really count.

    There’s a story about HMK, when PoW. He decided to set an example and travelled somewhere hot Business Class and saw with fury how the civil servants and pols all travelled first class.

  8. AndyF: Well, our town’s twins are in Alaska and The Falklands, we told the mayor that sending her there was a hardship posting.

  9. Councillors do seem to benefit disproportionately from twinning, in terms of jollies etc. prompted me to look up which foreign towns the one I live in’s twinned with. None apparently. I can only presume our local grifters have been too dumb to exploit the opportunity. But I did Madrid’s score. Thirty-two of them! Notable amongst them: Bordeaux, Buenos Aires, Rio, NYC, Manila, Mexico City, Abu Dhabi… Reads like a holiday brochure.

  10. @Otto

    “But that’s her (voluntary) job and doesnt really count.”

    Indeed! Tbf there are various “Friends Of…” groups here, mostly retired folk, that get in on the twinning jollies but I think they pay their own way. If they’re subsidised I’ll be ticked off.

  11. One of Edinburgh’s twin cities is Kyiv.

    I can’t imagine any of the cvnts in “oor Cooncil” have been living it large there at our expense for a while. Fear not, they have quite a few other twinned cities to visit.

  12. The Telegraph‘s flagging of the issue of potential for blackmail by foreign governments reminds me of one of my favourite TV outtakes. In a documentary on Cold War espionage the narrator was supposed to describe the operation of a Soviet honeytrap and duly delivered the line the KGB filmed him making lunch … before recovering magnificently and, with barely a half-second delay, adding … they probably filmed him making lunch too, but I imagine that footage ended up on the cutting room floor.

  13. Come to think of it, my village’s twin is Le Trou de Merde in France. So I guess the councillors are welcome to it.

  14. I feel quite sorry for the good burghers of the German town of Kaiserslauten, these poor bastards are twinned with the London Borough of Newham. Newham is a permanent Labour one party state that oozes decline and degeneracy that no amount of ‘regeneration’ can completely hide.

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