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Excellent wisdom

And they say that the autistic don’t understand human interactions?

being overtly sexy hijacks people’s attention on a level that they don’t have much control over–and the overt hate/dislike that they respond with is an attempt to wrest back some control over their responses. it’s simple epistemic hygiene. and the girls don’t like it bc they feel competed with and defected against and they feel it’s unfair and unpleasant. when they feel unfairly competed against sexually, they are going to respond by upping the social competition, and it will suck for ppl like us because we have already established we are not good at that

another reason that men might kind of split on you, really liking you at first and then getting mad at you, is that they feel screwed over. they were being nice to you because you seemed sexually available to them, you weren’t, they feel cheated and also dumb. that’s their problem–except, you’re doing all this in the first place as a social strategy, and when the social strategy doesn’t work, that’s your problem. morally they’re probably in the wrong here for expecting something you never said you would give them but we have to talk strategically here

also, you’re going to get old & you will not be as attractive to people when that happens. and it will be painful and suck a lot when the stuff you’re used to working, doesn’t work, and you aren’t sure what else to do

The whole thing is worth reading.

8 thoughts on “Excellent wisdom”

  1. being overtly sexy hijacks people’s attention

    You other brothers can’t deny
    That when a girl walks in with an itty bitty grin and a round thing in your face
    You get sprung

  2. What this article is basically saying is that fucking the entire football team may not be in a woman’s long term interests – no matter how validated she feels short term. Who knew?

  3. Yes, an excellent piece. And something similar might be recommended for young men acting like gentlemen, too. Avoid wounded self-absorption and victimhood, and also being a competitive braggart. Be modest, quietly confident, and easy-going. That will get you the attention of the women worth attending to, as you are a better prospect as a provider; and the neurotic male blow-hards will pass by when they fail to get a response.

  4. Indeed above all show confidence, Sam. Train yourself to wait a couple second’s beat before reacting to anything. Don’t babble. Speak slowly but clearly with a slight pause between sentences. If asked a question, a couple seconds before answering. That”s all the things actors are taught about delivering lines. One should be as if one is playing the lead role in one’s own life story, not a bit part. Women will eat out of your hand & purr.

  5. And of course to administer the coup de grace, learn to cook better than she can with no apparent effort. That really gets in amongst them where it hurts. Leaves them thinking, when you dump them, they were inadequate.

  6. @BIS also good advice for job interviews, take time to at least make it look like you have considered the question before answering

  7. The piece may be worth reading, but by God it’s hard work.

    Why on earth do they not learn to punctuate?

  8. Peter MacFarlane

    It’s a badge of honour/uniform/affectation. Punctuation is just rules you can learn them or not even the editor will have a bash on your behalf if you let it. I’m not sure that being autistic has any bearing on an ability to learn language rules any more or less than any other rule set.

    I gave up, it exceeded my pain vs gain threshold.

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