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Fuck off you ignorant tossers

From a PR email:

NHS Business Services Authority (NHSBSA) has been given the gold award by enei (the Employers Network for Equality and Inclusion) for its excellent diversity and inclusion work.

This is the third year in a row NHSBSA, which has headquarters in Newcastle, has been recognised by the organisation with a TIDE (Talent Inclusion and Diversity Evaluation) gold award.

It has also been ranked first amongst all organisations taking part, for the second year running. This year that was 155 organisations from across the UK.

Stop pissing around with this shit and fix Granny’s hip you ignorant, cuntish, tossers.


I hope I have made myself clear?

18 thoughts on “Fuck off you ignorant tossers”

  1. Well they’re not going to win any awards for clinical outcomes.

    Says all that needs to be said about the NH fucking S.

  2. enei (the Employers Network for Equality and Inclusion)

    Are uppercase acronyms (rac/class/something)-ist now, or is this just tedious trendiness?

    The last time I was in hospital they certainly had considerable diversity in BMI. The land whale that took me to X-ray probably was less healthy than I was, and I’d been a 6am emergency admission.

  3. Funny, my experience of the NKS (National Killing Service) led me to believe any diversity advisers would be sacked 38 seconds after they started. But I suppose people dishing out diversity awards have the same attitude as the BBC. Black/brown = good, White = bad, White English = should be exterminated. Hence their medical proficiency…

  4. Lol at the idea that the NHS is anything to do with providing healthcare. Its main purpose is to provide lucrative employment and pensions to as many unionised workers as possible. Any healthcare that takes place is entirely incidental to that primary aim.

  5. ‘ I hope I have made myself clear?’

    Your language is as diverse and inclusive as one could wish, yet succinct.

  6. Tim

    Can’t help noticing you have missed the posts, made through Long COVID after his tenth brush with the infection that point out:

    – Inflation is on the way out
    – Nationalization always works best

    Definite De Beers Territory with these beauties:

    On Nationalization

    ‘What we need is a government that understands that natural monopolies need to be in state control, with singular direction to ensure co-ordination of service, even if regional management is devolved to reflect local need as evidenced by local authority engagement. That observation covers rail, buses, health, education, water, energy, broadband, post and much else.’

    ‘I would suggest 100 year bonds be used. As in 1948, sensible arbitration allowing for the value of state subsidies could be used to determine the value of bonds to be issued. We’d simply pick up a cost for the interest as a result and yet Labour keep telling us taxpayer’s money (a meaningless and incorrect term because there is no such thing) should not be used for this purpose when other demands on cash are high. But as I suggest, no cash need be involved. So what is the problem Labour? Why not just say you’ll do it? It’s a guaranteed vote winner. And the country needs it, very badly.’

    On the subject of inflation:

    ‘So what is happening? First, as I have long said, inflation is falling simply because of a) the passage of time, where the evidence is that this always happens and b) because this is the inevitable consequence of the way it is calculated and, maybe (in the case of house prices) c) the result of inept policy by Kwarteng and Truss.

    Looking at the second option, as I have explained before, since inflation simply compares prices one year with those a year beforehand, and there was a massive one-off shock from Putin’s war which we hope will not repeat and which might even reverse, a decline in inflation has always been inevitable. The Bank had to do nothing to achieve that result.’

    And chillingly the promise that his vigil for ‘justice’ and opposition to ‘fascism in the UK’ is to continue:

    The way out of the mess we are in is to offer a better story of what is possible. After all, we live by narrative, and the stories we tell ourselves are critical to how we view the world. There is a better story to tell right now, and Labour is refusing to tell it, leaving the Tories effectively unopposed.

    It is annoying to have to keep saying this, but I feel I have no choice. Th alternative is to watch the rapid spread of economic despair without suggesting an alternative is possible. And I cannot do that.

  7. “Stop pissing around with this shit and fix Granny’s hip you ignorant, cuntish, tossers.”

    Granny’s already on the LCP.

  8. What moron thinks buses and post office are ‘natural monopolies’ when there’s clear evidence across the world that they’re not?

    You can’t even claim ‘infrastructure costs’ as keeping new entrants out of the market.

    And broadband will be wireless within 10 years, also eliminating the issues with running wires to people’s homes.

    Which isn’t an issue because we do network sharing.

    I means, FFS, even power provision is a market in many places with infrastructure sharing agreements.

  9. Ummm Agamemnon…. official edumacation has been a monopoly since… when the Romans fucked off to Turkey…
    What do you think the Guilds and Universities were for?

  10. There has never been a single provider of education though. Multiple universities, etc.

    ‘official education’ is an Industrial Age thing with the rise of public (in the American meaning) schools.

  11. “Broadband will be wireless”. Only if bandwidth requirements rise slower than wireless speeds, which is unlikely (it has not been the case in the past).

    One of 5G’s problems is that high frequencies (required for high bandwidth) have a behaviour less like radio (can go through most walls and around obstacles) and more like light (line of sight). This requires many many more towers to implement.

    Not that networking is a “natural monopoly”, it just requires more coordination.

  12. Arthur: On the steam wireless this afternoon, it was reported that “the majority of NHS staff are South Asians and women. The NHS has not caught up to the realities of this”.

  13. Stop pissing around with this shit and fix Granny’s hip you ignorant, cuntish, tossers.

    They don’t win shiny awards for just doing their jobs though do they?

  14. “Stop pissing around with this shit and fix Granny’s hip”

    NHSBSA don’t fix hips. They provide services to parts of the NHS.

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