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Fun how this changes

But campaign group Global Witness has claimed Brookfield was responsible for 9,000 hectares of deforestation in Cerrado, a sensitive region of tropical savannah in Brazil.

The space cleared was roughly equivalent to 11,000 football pitches and was repurposed for farming soybeans.

Used to be that clearing the Amazon was the bad thing. And much of what is claimed to be clearing the Amazon is, in fact, clearing of the Cerrado. Which is indeed savannah, not rainforest. Rainforest, when cleared, isn’t good soil. Savannah can be.

Sure, Amazon is cleared, but not usually for long term arable use. The Cerrado, well, yes.

So, now the crime has become clearing the Cerrado. Because, you know, got to have something to complain about…..

7 thoughts on “Fun how this changes”

  1. The former Bank of England Governor, who has positioned himself as a green finance champion and is a special climate envoy for the United Nations, joined Brookfield Asset Management in 2020 and is currently the firm’s chairman.

    It’s nice how people who travel by private jet are so concerned about our carbon emissions.

  2. Why can't you live in harmony with nature?

    Did the American Indians of the Pacific Northwest grow so fat the first settlers remarked upon it in their diaries, while living in intact forests?

  3. You can’t deforest a savannah. A savannah is defined by trees being widely spaced apart such that a canopy does not form. A forest is defined by trees being so close togather a canopy forms.

    You can’t remove “the canopy-forming trees” from “an area without canopy-forming trees”.

  4. We were taught at school, to answer our local troll , that native peoples employed slash n’ burn to clear firested areas. The soil was thin, but fertile enough to grow crops for a few years. The topsoil would wash away and become inert. The natives would then move on and clear a new space.

    What they didn’t tell us (perhaps it wasn’t properly known 40 odd years ago ) is that forest ( esp rainforest ) re-establishes itself back pretty quickly.

    I have only been to Pacific Canada in early Summer and Autumn, when the climate was very pleasant indeed.

  5. But the Vegan propagandists insist that we give up eating mutton grown on hillsides that are not able to grow crops and eat soya protein instead!!
    They want to eat our cake and have it (at least Boris had logic on his side when he wanted to have his cake and eat it – and the media crew showed their stupidity by never spotting his twist on the old phrase)

  6. What you were taught in school was academic’s view of early peoples. From their lofty heights of academia. In truth it was far from that simple. As the extensive areas of terra preta in Amazonia suggest. For a start they gardened rather than farmed. Suppressed the plants weren’t useful to them. Encouraged those that were. They were just as sophisticated as we are. Why wouldn’t they be? We are them. The time is far too short for evolution to have changed them.

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