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Going woke at Vogue

“Buy less and buy better” has become a common refrain in fashion’s sustainability movement.

Magazine that exists to get folk to buy more and more expensive clothes runs article suggesting all should buy less clothing.

Go woke, go broke.

8 thoughts on “Going woke at Vogue”

  1. Not really. Women just talk this sort of shit. The whole “eco” thing is just a big pose, a status game for women. They’re very selective about this stuff too. Like they’ll talk about using less plastic bags a week after they had a holiday to Thailand.

    I mean, Anna Wintour is still in charge at Vogue, isn’t she? I don’t think she’s particularly woke.

  2. Didn’t someone prove that the hire a nice dress then return it so it can be reused actually is more environmentally unfriendly taking into account transport and cleaning costs

  3. “Less” for some particular definition of “less”.
    Twenty outfits?!?
    Two suits for the office is sufficient, not six …
    Three oufits for sports is weird as one needs two for each sport so that one can be worn while the other is washed
    It seems that readers of Vogue are not expected to wear a change of underwear each day if the 20 outfits comprise 74 garments

  4. I get the impression that it’s buy fewer items but spend the same (or more) overall — sure the advertisers would be happy with a shift to higher-margin lines!

  5. The idea of paying more for something that lasts longer predates all the environmental stuff. I’ve still got Snap On spanners that I bought in the 1970s. Our microwave was a bit pricey when we bought it in 1993, still using it.

  6. What’ll you bet it’s about laying the groundwork for forcing the lower classes to scrimp?

    From “The Future of Urban Consumption in a 1.5°C World”

    consumption progressive ambitious
    intervention 2030 target 2030 target

    diet change 16 kg meat/yr 0
    90 kg dairy/yr 0

    clothing 8 items/yr 3

    vehicles 190/ 1000 people 0 private vehicles

    “You vill eat ze bugz!” I wouldn’t mind their fantasies of moral superiority if they weren’t expressed almost entirely in attempts to make their supposed inferiors live like ascetics.
    (So far. But we all know what comes after that.)

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