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Gorbal worming

US braces for more deaths as ‘blizzard of the century’ grips nation

14 thoughts on “Gorbal worming”

  1. Come on Timmy, you know the mantra.

    It’s not the CLIMATE, it’s the WEATHER.

    Or did that change after the brand name change?

  2. It’s climate catastrophe, bigots. Global warming induced terror freezing was highlighted in that well known science documentary “The Day After Tomorrow”.

    All your base are belong to us.

  3. Deaths in Nippon due to heavy snow, record cold winter / spring in Australia, record cold in Antarctica, record cold in South America all not being reported in the MSM.

    I wonder why?

  4. Well, speaking as one actually located in the upper tier of US states – consider the possibility that reports of the DeathBlizzard Hellstorm have been either a) exaggerated or b) lacking in proportion. It always gets cold here in winter, sometimes very cold. It always snows feet deep in Buffalo and upstate New York. The freeways always get ice- and snow-covered. There are always power outages. The differences this year may be that the storm was a little earlier than average, and a little further south than average, but in neither case particularly abnormally so.
    We were at the heart of the ‘bomb cyclone’. We had 3 inches of snow, 50 mph winds and a low temperature of 1°F, or -17° in old money. That’s an early winter storm round here, no more. Proportion, folks – what would be a disaster in Bournemouth is BAU in Detroit.



  5. llamas


    Tejas got chilly, but not excessively so. Still got lots of emails and equiavalent electronic communication from European friends n family panicked about the likelihood of our imminent demise under feet of snow in super cold 150km/hour howling winds.

    the MSM really isn’t very good at communicating reality, is it?

  6. Grist.. For the US it’s actually Climate…

    That big Rockies/Appalachian funnel and polar highs.
    In fact.. If it wasn’t for those regular dumpings of snow the north-american central parts would be a hella lot dryer and desert-like.

    But hey, that’s actual geography and climatology, not climate science

  7. Living in southern Canadian province we had an unusual-14c one night and 3 snow falls of about a foot each over the space of a week and it was being referred to as snowmageddon x 3
    The things is if I was to drive an hour or so North this would be normal, if I was even to drive to the top of my street (heading up the mountain) it wouldn’t be that unusual. I’d be about the same elevation as the car park for the ski hill that’s 20 mins away.
    There’s a reason the term snow line exists, boundary conditions based on geography etc can be quite defined

  8. We had snow the week before last. The best thing about it was seeing Mr Tod in our back garden as if in a Christmas card. Handsome bugger.

    Alas, no coyotes, wolves, bears, or mountain lions. Or, rather: hurray, no coyotes, …

  9. “There’s a reason the term snow line exists, boundary conditions based on geography etc can be quite defined”

    Roughly 100 meters where I live in Clogland ( Dordrecht, google it) between the river basins, the sand, clay, and peat bars in the subsoil, and the direction of the wind, you can draw lines where the rain will fall.
    ( or drink a beer [insert fav snooty terrace drink here] on the waterfront baking in the sun, while it’s PISSING down with lightning on the other side of the river..)
    When the weather crosses those boundaries.. might as well write the next days off when it comes to Stability….

  10. BniC – I grew up there (Delbrook Park area), but have been in Richmond for ~30 years. It was incredible to have local skiing in the suburb of a major port! Quite a place to be a teenager.

  11. Great area for kayaking, hiking, mountain biking etc. so many fun and dangerous things to do with your time, also some very good orthopaedic surgeons as they get plenty of practice

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