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Guess who demands this?

…..there should be immunity from libel action for those journalists seeking to ask questions in cases such as these so long as there is no malicious intent.

Presumably so that “asking questions” about whether a peer’s bank is facilitating tax evasion through credit cards would not give rise to a libel liability.

9 thoughts on “Guess who demands this?”

  1. Dennis, Gold Medalist In Unnecessary Snark

    Since when has Spud qualified as a journalist?

    Or an economist, come to think of it…

    Or a teacher…

    Or an accountant…

    Ah, the day is short and the list is long.

  2. “How would asking questions be libellous?”

    In the UK? Fairly easily. In non-Anglo countries? It’s simply accepted that questioning the rich and powerful is to be punished in some way and a libel charge is as good as any in a kangaroo court.

  3. “How would asking questions be libellous?”

    I suppose there’s the “Have you stopped beating your wife yet?” sort of question, which isn’t really one.

  4. TRUK accounts are out.

    Mrs Potato is getting 10% now so campaigning works! Unfortuantely for her, Mr. Potato is mostly being paid salary from outside instead.

  5. “so long as there is no malicious intent”

    Yeah, where all intent is malicious unless Spud or one of his toadies is intending it.

  6. Well spotted Noel. Finance for the future accounts are also out but not corporate accountability network which has a different year end.

    In the year to 31/3/22 Ritchie got £9k from TR and £12k from finance for the future. The most recent CAN accounts show a salary of £47k. Plus 1 day a week at Sheffield say £70k x 20%. So about £80k in total.

    Finance for the future is getting a £70k grant split between Ritchie and Hines so going forward he’ll be getting £35k. But CAN only has one grant post March 2022 of £17k, so looks like his overall income will be down.

    He’s 65 next year and still the hustling continues. I guess putting all his pension and savings into 1% bonds wasn’t such a great idea.

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