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Belinda Blinked was his 63rd book
Or his 65th. He can’t be tied down on specifics and why should he be? Before the lucrative move to business pornography, the self-publishing star wrote short, humorous books such as How to Buy a House in Brazil and How to Survive the Brazilian World Cup. Since his soaraway podcast success, these titles now sell … up to eight a week.

If that’s 8 a week each then that’s $120k a year* which is pretty good. It might not be, might be 8 a week in total tho’.

*Assuming $10 cover price and no, I’m not going to go check.

Or as he delicately puts it: “I write best in the sun … with not many clothes on.” The literary powerhouse can knock out 1,200 words in just two hours and types it all on to “the cheapest possible computer”.

It’s an interesting commentary on what journos think is hard work these days. That per hour can be somewhat taxing, in the sense that you’d not want to try doing it for 10 hours a day. But for an hour at a time? Trivial.

1 thought on “Hmm”

  1. I could bang out a 1000 words in that time, but would have spent the previous 8 hours thinking what to write.

    ps Tim your banner adverts are slowing the comments section down. There is a significant delay before I can start to write my well honed and carefully thought out and composed drivel.

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