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Rishi Sunak has hired James Forsyth, an old school friend for whom he was reportedly best man at his wedding, to be his new political secretary.

Mr Forsyth, who is The Spectator’s political editor and also a columnist for The Times newspaper, will advise Mr Sunak and act as a link between the Prime Minister, the No10 policy unit and Tory MPs.

There’s a bit of personal stuff there for me but. I worked for the Speccie for some time (on a subsidiary title) and despite working around the corner for much of that time the only time I was asked into the building was to be fired – by Forsyth.

However, personal stuff aside. His wife was that aide to Boris who resigned over the parties. So this is really rather a tight little political circle. Her job, and his now, being the sort of ones that often end up with a significant gong in PM resignation lists – possibly even peerages. So there is that possibility of the hub and wife dual peerage family for political service. Not predicting it, just mentioning it as a possibility come another decade perhaps.

9 thoughts on “Hmm,”

  1. He – and I assume his pronouns are in his email signature – literally looks like a child or an ugly young woman, the neoteny and lack of normal sexual dimorphism among our effete, failing “elite” is getting silly.

    Anyway, Merry Christmas to us all (except Conservatives, Christ warned you about the millstone) x

  2. No woman (person with XY chromosomes) would have teeth that looked like that. Or gay man, for that matter.

  3. Has anyone tried readingthe Speccy lately ?

    It’s become sort of Rishi Fanzine.

    Forsyth reminds me of a terrifying James Blunt/Brian Cox hybrid.

  4. Surely it is no more than payback? The Speccie crowd being the ones who delivered the coup. You know. Making the loser the winner!

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