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Hmm, not sure

Looking at that chart would this be your first reaction?

Brexit failures arrive as regularly as London Underground trains, while six years of economic stagnation since 2016, born mostly of a lack of business and government investment, mean the country’s infrastructure is creaking.

That there’s some dreadful paucity of business investment driven by Brexit there?

As opposed to Brexit should – in some eyes – cause such a lack, therefore we’ll claim it has?

Sure, willing to accept that it has if someone would like to prove it. But where’s that proof?

4 thoughts on “Hmm, not sure”

  1. Chart?? Facts??

    The Graun is blissfully unaware of such trifles. If Meghan could read, she might award it Feeelz of the Year. Ir’s well badly good at that…

  2. Bloke in the Fourth Reich

    Does business investment include the use of covid handouts to purchase shares in government-picked, policy-based winners making magic unicorns that will save the planet?

  3. My reaction was similar to BiFR’s. If it’s fair to assume that Business Investment is private sector activity and Gross Fixed Capital Formation is private sector Business Investment plus Government Spending on infrastructure (HS2=white elephant) and business support during covid (x% of which is fraud), then it follows that forcing businesses to lock down will delay some investment and cancel some more.

    Oh, and windfall taxes on energy businesses that don’t rely on wind will hardly make things better.

  4. They hate Brexit for the same reasons they hate Trump/Truss/Musk.

    You’re no longer supposed to have a choice. Which is why they’ve arranged things such that British voters no longer have a choice.

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