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How the world is changing, eh?

Three military personnel were killed after Ukrainian forces launched a drone attack on an airfield for strategic nuclear bombers hundreds of miles inside Russian territory, the Kremlin has claimed.

A doorbell camera at Engels airbase near Saratov, almost 400 miles from the Ukrainian border,

The knowledge of the event comes from a doorbell camera……..

18 thoughts on “How the world is changing, eh?”

  1. Russia claims to have shot down the drone. It is really unusual for three military personnel to die shooting down anything. We will probably never know what happened here.

  2. BiND: A Ukrainian drone flying 800 km through Russia undetected – twice – is mind boggling

    Mind boggling but not unprecedented: Matthias Rust landd his Cessna in Moscow in 1987.

  3. A Ukrainian drone flying 800 km through Russia undetected – twice – is mind boggling.

    Toward the same strategic nuclear bomber base, too. Not sure it was “undetected” – just that they’ve moved most of their shooty-downy ordnance to Ukraine and surroundings. They might have watched it all the way and expected the local defenses to take care of it. Looked like a pretty big bang on the footage. Might have been ammo or fuel rather than a rec room.

  4. A Ukrainian drone flying 800 km through Russia undetected – twice – is mind boggling.

    Not that hard.. Just fly it low enough, and weave it around urban concentrations…

    You generally won’t find any radar looking low enough, except right near airbases, or actively defended positions.
    Same trick any cruise missile uses..

  5. Meanwhile on the worlds most surveillance, monitored & paranoid border:
    “The North Korean drones penetrated deep into the south’s territory, resulting in civilian commercial flights being temporarily grounded in and around Seoul.

    “South Korea’s military detected five drones from North Korea crossing the border, and one traveled as far as the northern part of the South Korean capital region, which is about an hour’s drive away, South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff said,
    The south’s significant rapid response to the drones breaching the border resulted in a crashed manned aircraft.”

    It’s almost as if all those US & S Korean defence systems are as effective as the Russian ones

  6. Drones really are new and different. And when people start putting a shotgun onto a 1/20th scale tank body then they will be too. Cheap, swarms, entirely mechanical – what’s the defence? Other than more of the same?

  7. US civil war showed the importance of having control of the industrial manufacturing base and since then it’s escalated.
    The outsourcing to China of so much shows the lack of strategic and long term thinking amongst politicians today.
    The US military does have chip manufacturing capabilities in the US for a lot of its high tech stuff which is fine as it’s very low scale, but the cheap drone/vehicle swarms make in bulk would be beyond them I suspect.
    Sometimes numbers can beat technology as long as you can sustain the losses more than the other side, something the Russians have experience at

  8. No need to strap a handgun to one. Just some explosives and turn it into a kamikazi drone.
    On its own it’s not necessarily much of a threat, but twenty or so intelligent ai driven drones as part of a swarm – that’s a different ball game entirely.
    I’m actually surprised that no-one has used them as a means of assassination yet.

  9. To add on to my post, economically it’s a no brainer. A capable commercial drone can be had for around $1000/2000. Weaponising it is probably the same amount again.
    The American ‘excaliber’ artillery rounds are $100,000 a pop. Missiles 5 to 10 times that.
    War is an expensive business and drones are an effective way of getting more bang for your buck. It also brings the capability within the reach of organised crime. If we haven’t seen the effective use of drones yet for cartel-warfare it down to lack of imagination not lack of funds or capability.

  10. From the description of the encounter, they probably engaged the drone with some flavor of ZSU anti-aircraft gun. Only winging the drone. They are mobile anti-aircraft artillery designed for last ditch defense against low flying aircraft.

    The cartels have been using drones to try and get drugs across the border.

  11. Death-by-sky-drone was the plot of a Judge Dredd story sometime well back in the early ’80s or late ’70s, so it’s not an idea that wouldn’t occur to somebody.

  12. When thinking of drones or drone swarms, I’m not thinking of manually operated drones or GPS targeted drones, effective though they may be in a limited fashion.

    I’m thinking more of autonomous drones driven by ai that can be programmed to attack a target and then left to get on with it on its own.

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