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How unlike a politician, eh?

New congressman George Santos made up his life story

Under sniper fire in Bosnia, seeing Jackie Milburn play, write your own list…..

15 thoughts on “How unlike a politician, eh?”

  1. I have family who live in that district. I have just as much contempt for this guy as Warren when she pretended to be Native or Biden when he pretended to be top of the class at two universities.

    But policy-wise…can’t be much worse than anyone on the left these days. especially in New York, where even the conservatives aren’t conservative. A politician lied about his credentials and used identity politics to get ahead. Whatevs. Par for the course.

  2. My favourite will always be the young lady whose prescient parents named her after Sir Edmund Hillary 6 years before he ascended Mount Everest.

    Going forward the shameless Marlene Headley a.k.a. Ngozi Fulani should have a bright future in politics.

  3. Been going on for ages.

    From Wikipedia on Lyndon B Johnson: “On June 9, 1942, Johnson volunteered as an observer for an airstrike on New Guinea by B-26 bombers. Reports vary on what happened to the aircraft carrying Johnson during that mission. Johnson’s biographer Robert Caro accepts Johnson’s account and supports it with testimony from the aircrew concerned: the aircraft was attacked, disabling one engine and it turned back before reaching its objective, though remaining under heavy fire. Others claim that it turned back because of generator trouble before reaching the objective and before encountering enemy aircraft and never came under fire; this is supported by official flight records. Other airplanes that continued to the target came under fire near the target about the same time Johnson’s plane was recorded as having landed back at the original airbase. MacArthur recommended Johnson for the Silver Star for gallantry in action: the only member of the crew to receive a decoration…. Johnson, who had used a movie camera to record conditions, reported to Roosevelt, to Navy leaders, and Congress that conditions were deplorable and unacceptable: some historians have suggested this was in exchange for MacArthur’s recommendation to award the Silver Star.”

  4. I have my doubts about Meghan Markle’s claim to have brokered a treaty between the Na’Vi and humans and so brought peace to Pandora.

    I’m probably racist though.

  5. Can’t recall seeing Jackie Milburn play. But I did get to watch Stanley Matthews in the twilight of his career.

  6. I saw Mickey Mantle play. In that match a triple play was attempted – I’d have been excited if I’d been keen on rounders. The hot dogs and peanuts were good though.

    Before the game started a band struck up. I said “I know that tune, what is it?” Faux pas.

  7. Bloke in North Dorset

    I saw Bobby Charlton play a few times when he was at his peak, which was a problem because I was a Leeds fan and it was usually at Elland Road and we were being beaten by the hated Man Utd.

  8. The baffling thing is he thought saying he was an alumnus of the Ivy League and Goldman Sachs would make him more electable…..

  9. People forget that if this goes through and the Dems get the house back it could mean permanent Left wing rule through to the end of the US in its current form so I would not underestimate the significance of this. If you’re White and in the US especially this could be the precursor to quite Major changes in your entitlement to protection under the law, all under the guise of ‘Diversity, Equity and Inclusion’

    Might be less funny than it seems now when Under President Kamala Harris you see Treasury Secretary Maxine Waters announce that all White owned houses and pensions are going to be confiscated as part of a national reparations program…

  10. Dennis: African-American, Native American, Asian American, Marine and Army Ranger Who Single Handedly Saved Christmas In Korea

    It is funny watching Democrat outrage at Santos’ fiction. Between Elizabeth Warren, Joe Biden and John Kerry you have enough bullshit to fill the continental twice over.

  11. As we in America have now all been taught, so sad, too bad. The election is over – they should have caught all of this before voting started, so the legal doctrine of laches applies. No individual voter has legal standing – no specific individual injury – to sue for this. It was all just salesmanship – puffery – and not actual fraud.

    Only way to force him out would be a congressional vote to expel him on character bases, and wouldn’t THAT be an irony.

  12. ‘Only way to force him out would be a congressional vote to expel him on character bases’

    Even the current incumbents of the US political system should grasp that’s one precedent too far and will just use the media to try and hound him out, though they seem to have shown a remarkable disregard to the concept of don’t create weapons/precedents your opponents can use when the pendulum shifts so who knows

  13. Dennis

    You’ll be pleased to hear the term ‘Pocahontas’ is officially on the banned list at my US owned place of work. God Bless America (although according to Stanford I can’t say that)

    I am waiting for them to ban use of the term ‘laptop’ forthwith…

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