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I have a solution for this

Hot drinks, free coats, cold, hungry children: the shocking reality of Britain’s winter ‘warm banks’

Why not lower the price of energy? Or, of course, warm the climate?

10 thoughts on “I have a solution for this”

  1. Or: put down the phone, go out and have a snowball fight or a brisk run, you whinging brats.
    There ain’t no such thing as a free coat.

  2. I was reading this article (now I need a shower after to get the Grauniad stink off).
    Went in with an open mind – times are tough, things are expensive and only going up and I’m sure that there’s a lot of people struggling.

    In fact the first person mentioned is a sad story, light on details, about a woman going to the warm bank with her two year old to escape black mold…
    Ok. Fair enough. Might want to look into why it’s there, but not enough info to make a judgement really.

    The second example. The second best person they could find to tug on our heart strings is this heart rending story:

    One woman came in with her daughter, 10, (who said she was off school because she missed the bus), and explained very straightforwardly that she was there to use the free internet access on the library computers, hoping to sell some of her belongings because she was short of money as a result of recently becoming re-addicted to crack cocaine, after managing to not use it for 15 years. Her daughter was very hungry, and happily ate free soup and toast offered by volunteers.

    So her solution to being cold and poor isn’t to try and improve her lot, work harder, get a better job. No.
    Fucking crack cocaine. Again.
    Sounds like her daughter needs to be put in care.


    Anyway, what other intellectual titans are also struggling?

    “It does baffle me that both my partner and I are in full-time work, and I still come here every week for the fruit and vegetables,” says Libby, 23.
    Oh no!
    She finished a degree in musical theatre last year, and is working as a supervisor at a restaurant, on £9.50 an hour minimum wage. “I’m not earning enough yet to start paying back my student loan. We’re renting privately and everything feels expensive.”
    Maybe should have done something useful? But we all make mistakes. How about learning a skill now? Go down the job centre and see if they’ll help you retrain? I remember a long time ago listening to a bloke in there ask if they’ll help him retrain to get off the dole. They said they would pay completely for his welding course. So why doesn’t she go and learn to weld? Or be a sparky? Or code?

    Several visitors are very upset when they describe their difficulties with heating their homes. Most struggle to put a precise figure on how much more they are paying, articulating general unease that the £5 or £10 top-up payments made from phones to the gas and electricity smart meters seem to be running down much more swiftly.

    That’s because the price of everything is going up. Blame the government for printing money. Oh, and all the green taxes. You can shiver in the cold knowing you’re doing your bit for the polar bears.

    Anyway, now we come back to the first woman (remember her, with the black mold?) And we find out more about her plight. Prepare to have your heart strings yanked on…

    After the Guardian sent images of the mould patches, an Ipswich borough council spokesperson said: “We didn’t know that the tenant had a current mould problem. Now that we are aware, we have arranged for a surveyor to visit the property next week to explore what can be done.”

    Ah. So it was a council flat and she hadn’t even bothered to report it as an issue.

    Why do people seem to just sit around, waiting for other people to come and solve their problems for them?

  3. And will the follow-up report be: the housing inspector checked the damp, the tenant has blocked up all the ventilation preventing condensation from escaping. She has been instructed on the correct use of windows while cooking, showering and breathing.

    I’ve also noticed there’s a correlation between expensive-to-heat homes and the modern fad for removing all the internal walls. Without a door to close off the rest of the house and keep cosy, all your heat escapes. I spend most of my day in my living room with the door closed, 30 mins of heating in the morning keeps it cosy all day.

  4. @Chernyy Drakon: I can count on the fingers of one hand how many of the thousands of such articles I’ve read contain actual, no fault of their own, hard luck stories.

  5. A lot of what people call “the system beating me down” can be attributed to poor life choices. The college I went to offered a Recreation degree. You could get jobs with the city or county Parks Department. It cost the same as my Engineering degree. It only paid a third as much. Cue the whining about how their degree wasn’t “valued”.

    Much the same with the people who see my lifestyle today an say, “You got lucky.” What they don’t see is the work at two jobs, working weekends and 60 hour work weeks for four decades, while they partied.

    It is the politics of envy. The politicians want to tax the nice stuff from you to give it to their voters.

  6. Chernyy,

    “Maybe should have done something useful? But we all make mistakes. How about learning a skill now? Go down the job centre and see if they’ll help you retrain?”

    Or maybe, as she lives in the same town as her mother, don’t rent a separate house.

    I’ve talked to my daughter about staying or moving out, and I’ve talked a lot about what she needs at home. Like we’ll go out if she wants friends over for an evening. She has a load of food that is stuff she likes to cook. Because having her at home as an additional cost is basically nothing. The heating and cooking is the same regardless. A bit more electricity for her TV and phone is nothing. “Take the £500 you’d have spent on rent and save it, or spend it on stuff you want to do”.

  7. In my 20s I was scraping every last penny I could into my mortgage and a pension. My contempories were pissing as much of their wages as possible up a wall. They are now complaining it was impossible to get a decent mortgage, and have nothing saved for the future. I’m a handful of years off paying off my mortgage and using drawings*(lifespan-retirement) have almost half a million as pension capital.

  8. “Ah. So it was a council flat and she hadn’t even bothered to report it as an issue.

    To be fair, its quite possible that she had reported it, but the council housing admin dept was so chaotic that such reports disappear into a black hole, never to be seen again. After all if you had reports of problems, someone might have to do something other than ‘work from home’, and that would never do!

    A council PR woman saying ‘We didn’t know about it’ when a national paper comes knocking about an embarrassing problem is hardly proof that the council had not been told.

  9. @Chernyy Drakon, December 13, 2022 at 9:41 am

    Excellent, thank you

    @jgh, December 13, 2022 at 5:01 pm

    +1 Same here: saved, saved, saved and bought house for double what it sold for 4 years earlier

    Irresponsible don’t deserve fairness excuses

    Emotion Agenda needs to be ended

    The Three Darwin Award Winners

    Police Hold Memorial Service for Darwin Award Winners
    Honour Fools and Stupid; But no time to stop crime

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