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Idiot damn stupidity

The regulator said BMW had failed to provide information relating to its investigation into the recycling of cars and vans.

The investigation, launched in March, relates to arrangements for recycling old or written-off vehicles – known as end-of-life vehicles. These vehicles must be disposed of in a sustainable way and regulations require manufacturers to offer customers a free service to do so. The CMA is also looking at the use of recycled materials in BMW’s cars and how well they can be recycled.

It is understood the conduct under review includes car firms collectively agreeing to limit public statements about how recyclable their cars are or how much recycled material goes into them when they are made.

Why in buggery does some regulator try to track the steel or copper scrap industries? Olf steel is worth money, old copper is worth money. So, they get recycled, because they’re worth money. Why does some cretinous bureaucrat need to track that?

15 thoughts on “Idiot damn stupidity”

  1. I suppose, in these rather strange times, if manufacturers are going to sell their cars on the basis of being in a recycling chain, checking that they’re good for their word isn’t a bad idea.
    Odd thing is, cars right from their inception were fully recyclable & recycled. Unrepairable ones stripped for parts until it was only the shell got crushed. And the steel went to make new cars. And both manufacturers & regulators have been steadily making that more difficult ever since.

  2. “So, they get recycled, because they’re worth money. Why does some cretinous bureaucrat need to track that?”

    Because the cretinous people who put the policy in place have insisted that recycling happens where it’s *NOT* worth money…

  3. Bloke in the Fourth Reich

    Perchance we have an oversupply of cretinous bureaucrats who need jobs sitting at home in front of their laptops doing cretinous bureaucracy?

  4. How lovely it would be if HMG had decided to fuck about with Kraut and Frog companies in hopes of their pressing their governments to stop trying to fuck us about. Fat chance!

  5. OT, but Environmental-related: The cloggie government has announced the planned sites for the new nukes they’re planning.

    And in a variant of Prominent Ecoloons buying coastal real estate..
    The two locations they picked are right at the coast: An expansion of the current Borssele plant with two larger nukes, with an “alternative”** location on the Maasvlakte ( that artificial bit of land just off Rotterdam in the North Sea.)

    Seems at least our cloggie Lords and Masters aren’t that worried about exactly how much sea levels will rise in the future, eh?

    ** They’ll build one in the Maasvlakte eventually. The current Evil Coal plants there will eventually have to go, and something will have to take up the slack there. And it’s already known those fancy windmills aren’t going to cut it.

  6. Dennis, Helpful As Always

    Why does some cretinous bureaucrat need to track that

    I believe Dr. Buchanan answered that question decades ago, Timmy.

  7. If the regulators get too demanding, the solution is to pay a couple of hoons to steal your vehicle and pop it over a cliff.

  8. I understand BMW’s response was not so much about recycling policy, as about whether the UK Competition Authority had any say in how an EU company ran itself.
    It wasn’t so much a failure to provide as an instruction to the sex & travel option.
    Seems the CMA hasn’t got the Brexit memo yet.

  9. This post brought back some old memories. Back in the days of keeping old bangers on the road, the go to place for second hand car spares was known as Jacko’s Yard. There were several acres of dead cars, you took your toolbox in there and helped yourself.

  10. Bloke in North Dorset

    Indeed Stoney,

    You’ve just reminded me of the old Triumph 2.5 PI I had. The fuel pump was playing up and as I was on my to to catch the ferry from Hull I spotted an scrap yard on the outskirts. On the off chance I popped in and sure enough he had a similar car ready for scrapping. He told me where it was and as we did in the early ‘80s I had a tool box in my boot so I popped round, took out the one from the old car and replaced mine.

    Less than 30 minutes and problem solved.

  11. Not a single car buyer chooses one brand over another on the basis of “public statements about how recyclable their cars are”.

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