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Impressive delusion here

As Harry explains, Meghan – for the very brief time she was actually in The Firm – was doing a better job than the rest of the Royal family.

Indeed, as Meghan later reveals with characteristic humility, she was even thanked for her enormous contribution to Britain by an air steward on her flight out of this godforsaken place.

“The issue is when someone who’s marrying in who should be a supporting act is then stealing the limelight or doing the job better than the person who is born to do this – that upsets people,” says Harry, clearly blind to his own publicity-hungry one-upmanship in this very programme.

There is a point that self-belief, narcissism, spill over into delusion, isn’t there?

18 thoughts on “Impressive delusion here”

  1. And this is why support for Ginge n’ Whinge is falling away so dramatically.

    Look at the pictures, look at the body lamguage. I’m surprised that Harry isn’t blinking “HELP” in Morse Code.

    I think that the hope was for Meghan to bring a bit of Hollywood glamour to the Firm and help it reconstruct it n a more profssional basis in the way ex party girl Sophie Wessex has done. Instead she turned out to be anothe fanasist like Diana.

  2. ‘…she was even thanked for her enormous contribution to Britain by an air steward on her flight out of this godforsaken place.’

    Of all the Things That Didn’t Happen, this didn’t happen the most…

  3. @JuliaM

    On the contrary. Her being on the flight leaving the UK was in itself an enormous contribution to making Britain a better place.

  4. It seems as if the delusion started very early for the poor sod. Glamorous mother taken from him in a blaze of publicity, no effective parenting thereafter, the paparazzi in his face as soon as he left school, so he was left to grow up thinking Monarchy is actually about “limelight”.

    Under such conditions, strenuous efforts should have been made to keep him away from actresses.

  5. @JuliaM and @AndyF are both right 🙂

    Good news is that the US is full of lawyers. Sooner or later, their “recollections” will have the arse sued out of them. Meghan will then do to Harry what she does with anyone no longer of use to her: dump him, at which point he’ll doubtless come crawling back. Hopefully his Dad will tell him to lie in the bed he made so we don’t have to put up with the whining. Meanwhile, Meghan will open an exclusive OnlyFans account to which no one will subscribe 🙂

  6. Imaginary air steward meet non-existent South African cast member from the lion king. In Meghan’s “truth” such people are more real than her flesh and blood siblings.

    What is real is that she was once genuinely cute as one of the “Deal or no Deal” briefcase girls nearly 20 years ago. Genuine not being a word which springs to mind nowadays.

  7. Sam
    And that is why Ginge felt so at home in the Army, chain gunning Afghans. He had a structure, he had respect, he had people whom he could count on.

    The problem was in the meritocracy that is the modern Army, he was too thick to get beyond Captain, unless he was given ceremonial non-jobs- whch is exactly what he didn’t want – or assigned only “over the top, lads” commands, of which there are few.

  8. You don’t get stuck at Captain. Major, yes. The speed at which you get promoted to Major will differ, but everyone who stays in long enough will get there. But being a 50 year old Major is a sign of not really having it……

  9. From the officers that I met down the years – their appreciation was that an officer should get to Captain and if he was an absolute dullard would be eased out of the service. Chaps who get stuck at Major ( Sqd Ldr, Lt Cdr too) tend to perform more useful tasks ( normally admin, the MoD when Iwas there all those years ago was full of majors) and are seen as at least being able to command a unit/little ship, but like you said don’t have it for batallion or frigate command upwards.

  10. “Ushered out” yes, indeed so. Advised that a full career isn’t in the offing, quite possibly so. Actually chucked out, no. The usual consideration is about years at rank. This changes a bit but. Get to Major and if you’ve not been tapped for Lt Col within 7 years (erm, Jason, that right? or is it between 7 and 10?) then you’re not going to be. You can stay in as Major until you’re 55 tho’. At or after Lt Col it’s up or out. Get promoted every 2 to 3 years or get kicked out. We only need a couple of **** Generals in each generation, many Colonels. Promotion up to Major, Lt Cdr etc is pretty much automatic, altho’ the time at which it happens varies.

  11. Yes

    That’s a better appreciation of it, Tim. Thanks.

    “Redundancy” was also a method.

    I guess the pension for a major equivalent is still pretty decent ?

  12. 3rd in line, 4th in line, 5th in line… he’s getting more and more irrelevant as time goes on. He’s Prince Edward and She’s hating it.

  13. Accidents happen, Jgh.

    All it takes is a faulty rotor blade in the helicopter that the Wales’s are all in…

    See if Meghan is starting to get friendly with the Clintons and then worry.

  14. Ginge and MeGain need to keep out of tunnels and beware of white Fiats.

    But I’m guessing Ginge knows that even if MeGain is a bit “hard of understanding”.

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