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In something of two minds here

A pair of professional race grifters and outright liars whom no one in their right mind would take any notice of.

So, I repeat, fuck off.

25 thoughts on “In something of two minds here”

  1. It’s actually going to be fucking hilarious when she drains what she can take from this lottery winner and he tries to come back here and rebuild his life.

  2. You can tell the money is running out, because they wouldn’t have to serve up this poisonous nonsense otherwise. There just isn’t a market for bland wokery purveyed by the incredibly privileged, or if there is it doesn’t pay the mega-bucks required to keep a couple of narcissists in a jet set lifestyle. The world is dealing with an economic crisis, the money taps are being turned off everywhere, and even the Leftist MSM don’t have cash to throw at vanity projects like them anymore. So all they are left with is vicious personal attacks on his family. Once they have done that, they are toast. She’ll divorce him to maximise the return on her ‘investment’ and he’ll be a broken man.

  3. Like I said in a previous comment, I can’t see fag paper’s difference between her & the People’s Princess. Self entitled Sloan meets self entitled Hollywood soap actress. The first the MSM couldn’t get enough worshipping in over. Now promoted to Sainthood. The second is equally the product of her environment. NFH. Normal for Hollywood. So why criticise her for it? The MSM drools uncritically over the other NFH’s. Go look at the right hand side of the Mail.
    It’s the lad that’s dropped the bollock. What the hell did he expect? She’d be accepted in a country still hasn’t got over Wallis Simpson? Don’t suppose she wants to live in the UK & be sneered at for the rest of her life.

  4. I’m not convinced many in the UK could be bothered to sneer at Me-again. We’d just ignore her. Which would be far, far worse from her PoV.

  5. Chris Miller: Of course, that’s exactly what we did before she flounced off. That’s what pissed her off. She took the loss of attention after the lavish wedding, in reality a function of our accpetance (given, as BiS points out, that Mrs. Simpson hasn’t quite faded from the national memory), as rejection. She expected to be fawned over for the rest of her natural. Thick as mince.

  6. Interestingly Tim when I read the great LR’s post on this that section actually refers to this:

    Lengthy segments are also given to academics Afua Hirsch and David Olusoga who say British tradition is ‘filled with racist imagery’ while discussing the country’s colonial legacy – and call anti-immigration sentiment in the UK ‘a cipher for race’

    So the specific piece you quote is I believe a reference to Hirsch and Olusoga – in both cases the right response is to tell them to ‘F£$k off’ of course but being pedantic….

  7. The Other Bloke in Italy

    Because they have no paywall, I used to look in on what is now the Daily Meghan for the odd bit of news, but now cannot be bothered.

  8. Dennis, Twatty Something or Other

    The perfect combination of the worst the USA has to offer with the worst the British have to offer.

  9. John Galt

    I think the most depressing thing I read about it was the assessment of a ‘correspondent’ on morning news that the terrible duo seem to be ‘winning the PR battle’. This guy’s exact words:

    ‘It’s about creating the fairy tale’

    Which speaks volumes about the contemporary attitudes towards ‘objective truth’ in the US and indeed increasingly over here.

  10. She expected to be fawned over for the rest of her natural. Thick as mince.
    As an object to be fawned over is what she does for a living. Thick as mince? Before she met him was richer than most of us here. That being thick? I don’t think she’s thick. I reckon she’s a very sharp woman to survive in that world.

  11. She looks like the thought she would Be A Princess! but after tying the knot realised that after Will&Kate had three sprogs, Harry’s not even the spare, he’s retired military chap with a title you bump into on the golf course.

  12. BiS – I reckon she’s a very sharp woman to survive in that world.

    She was smart enough to outwit the entire Royal Family, and whatever “screening” and other social defence mechanisms you’d expect a centuries-old family business to have erected against, uh, what’s the polite term for “whores”?

    Not that the monarchy doesn’t deserve it, it’s just another formerly respected institution gone woke and useless now. If there’s no stunningly diverse twerking and Climate Change mongtardery at Charlie’s coronation, I will eat my New Model Army.

  13. “He’s the spitting image of his father.”

    I once saw a pair of photos: Harry and Prince Philip at the same age. Spitting images, they were.

  14. Taking a pop at the Commonwealth (aka © Netflix Empire II) was a serious error of judgement because it has offended countries and their populations that are not obsessed by race and historical reinvention in the way that Markle is and that do not consider themselves as patronised by a “slavery-owning” monarchy.

    I have no idea how rich she was in her own right but she’s unlikely to get richer – the “project” has as much substance as a meringue and hasn’t much longer to run.

  15. H&M are cancelling themselves

    The USA reviews have been scathing: The Hollywood Reporter rightly says the show ‘takes a lot of time to reveal very little.’ The Atlantic asks if Harry and Meghan ‘really want to spend the next 40 years as small angry planets trapped in the gravitational pull of the Windsors?’ And Variety says, ‘The Sussexes surprise us yet again with just how narrow their vision of fame is, how pinched and unimaginative their presence on the world stage has become.’


  16. In all the world’s countries, there might be one searching for a new ceremonial head of state (with his consort). Will they please be considered?

    It’d be good for them and bloody good for us to see the back of them!

  17. In all the world’s countries, there might be one searching for a new ceremonial head of state (with his consort). Will they please be considered?

    Might fit him into a post-Putin constitutional monarchy in Russia. I think that would serve everyone right.

  18. Both have, by their actions, already proven to be very much not suited for the Constitutional Monarch job…

    But suggesting it would be a good way to insult the Russians enough to start that war some warhawks people seem to be pining for..

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