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Is this actually possible?

Chat GPT can write entire novels for you?

Get it to read 100 of The Executioner stories, give your guy a new name and hit print, right?

Now, if only I were competent enough at using software to be able to do that…..

8 thoughts on “Is this actually possible?”

  1. Tim, it’s not only possible, based on the samples I’ve seen it’s hard to believe a substantial percentage of Amazon’s genre fiction catalogue isn’t already AI generated.

    Soon, AI-generated media will outmass everything human beings have ever created. By content, which is all that really matters in a content-driven industry (see your local streaming service for details). More words will have been written by an algorithm running on a server in some godforsaken datacenter in Nebraska than by all the scribes and tyrants and poets and philosophers and playwrights and theologians and judges and kings of the entire comic, tragic span of recorded human history, all the way back to when cuniform was cool.

    Which is, idk, something.

    When you think about it.

    Which I do.

    Butlerian Jihad when?

  2. Tim

    it aint’ ‘software’ like you’re thinking. It’s not like setting up a giant payroll program for a large company which also stealthily deals in BitCoin on the side using money intelligently rounded a bit in some of the employee’s payments [Hmmmm….].

    You interact with it informally using ordinary English sentences.

    Here’s what Are Tecnica says about the latest release:

    So, yeah, you could give it a whack fr not much money. Publish a few blogs perhaps?? Invite the Usual Crowd to detect real vs fake. More fun – write PotatoBlogs automatically….

  3. AI generated text relies on previously generated text. It doesn’t do novel. So while it might put together a genre story, it will be beyond formulaic.

    Also, the text I have seen has all been short. Whether it can put together a story arc across a whole book is in doubt. Anything long AI will be repetitive, rambling and aimless.

    To make real money requires a website, book, story, etc to have something new and interesting. Hard to see how AI is going to do that. Even as aggregators, how are they going to recognise that this site caters to a very differnt group than Salon, yet often uses exactly the same text?

  4. No, it can’t maintain a coherent world, develop concepts or follow a ‘narrative’ the way a human can (and certainly not the way a trained and can).

    It can manage standalone paragraphs, regurgitate facts and follow essay style formats (intro, body, conclusion), but will often repeat itself, contradict itself or get confused with “more popular” content. It has no concept of what is true, just what sequence of words is most common on the web. That can often sound incredibly convincing, but it can lose the plot in an instant.

    Think of a mobile Dunning Kreutzer machine with ADHD.

    The software itself is a ‘model’ (think database of probabilities) that may be a few gigabytes, up to terrabytes. It’s the crown jewels, so most companies only proved online access to the software that runs the model, not the model itself. To train a model might involve hundreds of terrabytes of training data, and months of compute time.

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