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It’s what social privilege means, innit?

Billionaire’s daughter gets BBC job with help from social mobility charity
Azadeh Moshiri, the child of Everton FC’s owner, says her career ‘would never have happened’ without the charity’s mentoring scheme

Being able to take advantage of the rat runs in society is social privilege, it’s the very definition of it.

4 thoughts on “It’s what social privilege means, innit?”

  1. Being an attractive young woman with a 100 Watt smile is another terrible social handicap this poor, sexy, rich girl had to overcome. Well done to the blokes who interviewed her.

  2. Her ambition (a pretty unambitious one) is a career in the BBC. She must be pretty unique in her age cohort, all the others want to be influencers.

  3. I keep wondering why I’m the one with privilege (white male) when all the job ads state their preference for various other groups and as my kids are finding out all the mentorship and scholarship programs are even more tilted

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