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Just a little linguistic thing

His arrest is the first major breakthrough in a case

No, really, no.

The first breakthrough is in working out that he’s someone of interest. The second is gaining some evidence. The capture – the arrest – is a breakthrough, sure, but it’s not the first one.

6 thoughts on “Just a little linguistic thing”

  1. Julia, any chef/butcher will tell you a good knife doesn’t require strength…

    That said.. The whole firemen being closet pyromaniacs is as old as ..firemen..
    Lawyers… really good at breaking avoiding the law. Also as old as the profession.
    So… criminologists.. what are the odds of a fair amount of them being closet psychopaths?

  2. In a proper justice system the arrest wouldn’t even be a breakthrough as it would simply be the next step in the legal process. It is only a breakthrough as so many cases don’t follow the process for oh so many political reasons.

  3. @Grikath Lawyers… really good at breaking avoiding the law

    Back in the 80s I used to know one lawyer who’d go to the police station to bail out his drug dealer clients while wearing a coke spoon round his neck. Given that he was also the wholesaler who’d sold them most of their drugs in the first place it was a full spectrum service. He was generally regarded as untouchable by all as his old man was a High Court judge and his godfather was the Chief Constable of the region.

  4. That’s true, although a response would be that this is the first >public< breakthrough. I assume that the other breakthroughs are not announced.

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