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Just stop all the spending

Excise the entire idea from government:

Taxpayers’ money has been handed to groups promoting Islamist extremism, a landmark review of the Government’s flagship Prevent programme has found.

Key figures in organisations funded by Prevent are alleged to have supported the Taliban, defended militant Islamist groups banned in the UK and hosted hate preachers, according to a leaked draft of the report seen by The Telegraph.

The review by William Shawcross, a former head of the Charity Commission, is expected to say that the “unacceptable” cases undermined Prevent’s ability to “effectively undertake counter-radicalisation” work.

No NGOs, civil society groups etc, get any tax cash at all. Yea, unto FoE, Save the Children, Prevent Radicalisation, Action on Sugar and all.

It’s not just that it’s a waste, it’s that it’s counterproductive.

So that’s a few billion we can use to reduce taxes then.

3 thoughts on “Just stop all the spending”

  1. But… But… That’s how modern government works. It pays NGOs to do their dirty work, or lobby the government in order to get the government’s own policies enacted. The EU is rife with this. Westminster is still a bit amateurish at it.

    In some cases they sponsor organsations to protest openly and even break the law, it is called Controlled Opposition – that is why all these ER and Stop Oil idiots get such a soft ride.

  2. Unfortunately, you probably won’t stop it. So like they say, if you can’t beat it join it. Get your activist sympathisers in there & get your share of the wonga.

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