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My word yes, isn’t it glorious we’ve a new system!

The old way of mutterings in corners of clubs, horrors, appalling:

Until about 20 years ago the award was bestowed by the lord chancellor, after a much-criticised process of “secret soundings”, which allegedly favoured privately educated white men in fashionable London chambers and discriminated against women, those from ethnic minorities and solicitors. In 2003 the Labour government of the time began a consultation on the future of the award, and ultimately the independent appointments body was founded by the Bar Council and the Law Society to replace the system of patronage, with the new process beginning in 2006.

Had to go, obviously.

At present candidates must complete a 65-page application form…..It costs £2,280 to apply and a further £3,840 to be appointed if successful…..Earlier this year, successful candidates described the process to The Times as “soul-destroying” and “absolutely hideous”.

There, see, isn’t a properly organised bureaucracy vastly better than that English system of just muddling through and hoping that the really big chunks float to the top?

13 thoughts on “My word yes, isn’t it glorious we’ve a new system!”

  1. Only 6k and 65 pages? For a recognised title? And they’re complaining?!!

    They obviously never heard of MCSE, or SAP engineer/consultant, or the time and money you need to spend to be allowed to drive forklifts ( to each type its own..Certificate..), especially the serious ones…
    And then you’re not even looking at the Management Certification Madness..

    Poor babies.. My heart bleeds for them.

  2. Talking of new systems, I’m obviously going senile and not up to understanding the new world.
    When I were a lad, me Mum used to think January were great, all the shops reducing prices, she had a great time.
    But now, when the Government want me to use less leccy, they reduce the price! Funny, eh?
    I wonder what they’ll do when we’re all driving leccy cars and they don’t get any tax from selling evil, planet destroying petrol?
    Oh. wait…

  3. Considering some of the utter wazzocks that have become Q/KCs since the reform, there is much to be said for the old system of “losing at golf to the right people.”

  4. “discriminated against women, those from ethnic minorities and solicitors.” First time I’ve seen solicitors included in a victim list. Is this grifters gotta grift or #metoo?

  5. Bloke in North Dorset

    Amateurs. This is how you set up barriers to entry:

    It’s Irrational to Require 1,000 Hours of Training to Be Able to Braid Hair

    Becoming an EMT in Missouri requires 144 hours of training, including instruction in CPR, trauma care, handling hazardous materials, and medical ethics. But Ndioba “Joba” Niang and Tameka Stigers don’t want to be EMTs. They both want to run salons offering traditional African‐​style hair braiding. Braiding hair, however, requires at minimum 1000 hours of training, 90 percent of which isn’t even generally relevant to African‐​style hair braiding.

  6. @BiS: It’s an old complaint. Barristers used to look down on solicitors as oiks, because most barristers were public school educated, and solicitors were grammar lads. A cousin-in-law of mine was a solicitor who become a judge, which was rare because usually only barristers got the job.

  7. KC or QC is a title for barristers, so any award process is going to discriminate against doctors, astronomers, statristicians, … and solicitors

  8. Out West here solicitors are ladies of negotiable affection. I’m always reading in the news that they are being arrested for soliciting.

  9. @Mohavie Greenie the use isn’t entirely incongruous (I also dimly recall leftpondian use of solicitors to refer to anyone cold calling at the door to sell…”no solicitors” signs being common…)… rightpondian Solicitors are lawyers who are permitted to solicit business, as distinct from Barristers who must follow the cab rank system (1)…

    Presumably [KQ]c status helps immensely with ensuring the work pipeline is sufficiently stuffed with the “right sort” of work to minimize (to zero?) the possibility of being available for hire…(see also the value of a good clerk)

    (1) it also used to be that only Barristers had a right of audience in the high court… Those days are gone, iirc courtesy a certain A.Blair

  10. ( from memory )

    Solicitors literally solicited for business, by hanging around the pillars of the old ( pre Great Fire ) St Pauls and approach prople witb a “Psst need a lawyer ?’

  11. KC or QC is a title for barristers, so any award process is going to discriminate against doctors, astronomers, statisticians, … and solicitors

    No longer completely true, there are a handful of solicitor advocates who are KCs.

  12. “Those days are gone, iirc courtesy a certain A.Blair” My memory is that it was Fatch: she broke both the solicitor monopoly on conveyancing, and the barrister monopoly on pleading in court. She also broke the optician’s monopoly. Best of all she broke Arthur F Scargill. God, I miss her.

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