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Mysteriously communicable disease

Russian magnate Pavel Antov dies after window fall in India

One of the points – in a depressingly hard headed analysis – of Putin was that he decided the asset allocation. Rather than murder, violence etc among the asset holders. One may well end up not liking Putin’s decision or the resulting asset allocation buit it’s better – for some version of better – than the process of the violent allocation.

An unnamed police official told India’s NDTV news outlet they suspected he took his own life after becoming depressed about the death of his friend who was found dead in the same hotel.

Vladimir Bidenov was found lying unconscious in his room on the first floor of the hotel on Thursday surrounded by empty wine bottles.

This at least appears to be suicide but then suicide is appearing to be a depressingly communicable disease in these societal corners.

12 thoughts on “Mysteriously communicable disease”

  1. @Ottokring

    One suspects Russian oligarchs could die falling out of a basement window under certain circumstances.

  2. There’s a popular film titled RED, apparently an acronym for Retired Extremely Dangerous. In the case of Russian oligarchs it would be remade as REV for Retired Extremely Vulnerable.

  3. Vladimir Bidenov was found lying unconscious in his room on the first floor of the hotel on Thursday surrounded by empty wine bottles.

    It’s a family trait – maybe they should try pinching him or showing him pictures of toothsome children.

  4. Falling out of hotel windows appears to be an occupational hazard for heads of companies across the globe. They didn’t tell me that at the induction meeting, so its just as well I was far too unpleasant to be promoted.

  5. Seems an unlikely suicide to me. Third floor is not all that high. More that 50% of people would be expected to survive that given prompt medical attention. Albeit with massive & no doubt life changing injuries. Of course, if you sling someone out of a window head first…

  6. Imagine if we adopted Vladimir Putin’s no-nonsense approach to real world consequences.

    Lessons really *would* be learned, next time the public sector accidentally covers up a massive paedophile scandal and/or destroys the energy base our economy depends on, hmm? It would also be an exciting time for Remoaners.

  7. I’m waiting for one to emulate Plenty OToole in Diamonds are Forever and get thrown out of the window into a swimming pool.

    And then drown. Aftet inexplicably accidentally shooting hiself in the back of the head.

  8. One of the wonderful things about moving from primary to secondary school was that you learnt new things every lesson. The Defenestrations of Prague – my, we enjoyed that.

    Sir, sir, did they open the window first or did they break the glass?

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