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No, they’re not, really, they’re not

Harry and Meghan want a royal summit — and an apology
The Sussexes are pushing for the family to make the first peace offering and recognise they were wronged

The Hostage is blinking “HELP” at us and the Duchess is making all sorts of demands…..

7 thoughts on “No, they’re not, really, they’re not”

  1. Just go away, you’ve already used up every bit of sympathy and concern, you annoying media-hag. And take your pathetic spouse as well.

  2. A vague idea floated by. Sometime in this century at least one country will reintroduce slavery which will, de facto if not de jure, be a race-slavery system. Whether it will be black slaves for whites (and yellow and browns) or the opposite, God alone knows. But religious awakenings – which is what abolitionism was – rarely last forever.

    On the same reasoning I wonder whether the Roman Catholic Church will revert to its traditional, more accommodating, policy on abortion rather than the hellfire-and-damnation opposition it has espoused for the last 150 years or so.

    A model would be the USA and the playing out its failure to live up to Franklin’s challenge – “a republic, if you can keep it”.

  3. Quick way to make G&W go away with nothing – play the DNA card. Sure, temporarily embarrassing but it’s not as if it were a state secret.

  4. The whole royal system seems designed to wreck the lives of any member with minimal likelihood of ever becoming king or queen. Most should probably finish out their military careers. They gain some immediate respect upon joining, and even if they’re too dumb to go far probably some sinecure can be found where they’re at least somewhat productive. Harry knows how to fly a helicopter for Pete’s sake. That’s a useful skill. Instead they leave and spend the rest of their lives killing time, getting into or causing trouble, and leading to a growing contempt for them. If he went back up to Canada and became a bush pilot he’d be widely admired instead of scorned.

  5. TD..

    The Royal System provides for the offshoots… They get every opportunity and then some to fullfill a useful function within the System, or in Real Life™ with Blessings if they choose to do so and are willing to actually work at it.
    And most of the offspring of the current royal families in Eur’p do so. No waves, smooth sailing. Many opportunities not open to Joe Average.

    What you hear about are the Idiots who want their cake and eat it. And the Harry/Meghan combo is the absolute worst in that respect. Never seen a bigger set of entitled whiners who want the perks, but not the Job.

    Then again.. They’re useful in their own right.. They are the living examples of what you do not want to see in a future monarch.
    I just wish they’d be less annoying while making that very salient point.

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